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Apply For A U.s. Visa - Getting my Passport - Visa - Philippines (English)

Once approved your visa, go will either deliver your passport to the location you placed when you are nagschedule of appointment or hold your passport at the office of go for your takingAny-aspects of the service it has no additional fee-included in the paid visa application charge for delivery or handling of go on your passport.

If you choose to kolekatahin your passport - visa office of the courier you will need to visit the go office in normal business hours. Instant: enter your passport number below to check on the status of it.

If your passport is ready for your pick up, you can just bring the documents you need to this is your get. If you do not immediately get the passport, it will be returned to the embassy. Email: Send email and in subject and - or sum is put the appropriate number of passport how it nailagda when time to schedule the appointment, and you will receive a automatic response about the status. Telephone: Can be truck your passport via telephone with our call center The phone call center and full description n gaming services along with the hours of operation are located here. For be able to collect your passport you will need to file an original (not a copy) IDENTIFICATION with photo issued by the government.

We recommend that you also bring a printed copy of your appointment letter.

The accepted IDs are: If a representative will collect your passport on your behalf from the document collection office-even if it is a family members-the representative must file: You may change your document delivery address online or in the call center until the day of your interview appointment.