Associate Justice of the supreme Court of the Philippines

Provided in the Constitution to fourteen the number of associate Justice. Inconstant the volume of the as its since the establishment of the supreme Court in. It started at six in the up to the current number of fourteen under the Constitution of. With twenty-three American nanilbihihan also as Associate Justice from until. Under the Constitution of, a hihiranging associate Justice must be a native born citizen of the Philippines, forty years of age, and fifteen years or more as a judge of a lower court or engaged in the practice of law in the Philippines. Also required to possess proven ability, morality-conscience, loyalty, and independent thinking a member of the court. As Chief Justice and other judges of the lower court, the associate Justice are appointed by the President from submitted the nomination of the Judicial and Bar Council. They will serve as beautiful their behaviour until suffer they the age of seventy years or lose the ability to perform the duties of their office. But they can also be removed on the spot by the clippers.

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