Biography of Elpidio Quirino - the Biography of the Hero of the Philippines

Was born on November, in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

He completed his degree in law at the University of the Philippines inStarted his mission to help others she became a teacher in a village in Vigan, and followed by an office in the Bureau of Lands. He has been with the Police Department, Manila, and then became the private secretary of Manuel Quezon, who was President of the Senate.

He was elected Vice President in with Manuel Roxas

Started his career in politics as an elected representative of Ilocus Sur in and became a senator in. His Mother is one of the members of the delegates who helped in the passage in the Attorney-mcduffie independence Act that eventually gave way to Freedom of the Philippines. Become part of the convention Quirino, who has prepared a constitution for the new Philippine Commonwealth. He was chosen by Pres Quezon to be the Secretary of the Treasury. Later, he became Secretary of the Interior in the government of the Commonwealth. When he was elected as Vice President of Roxas, he was working as the Secretary of the Treasury and became Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Quirino was captured and imprisoned during the Japanese occupation because of its resistance to the occupation. His wife, Alicia Syquia and their three children were killed by the Japanese soldiers. After the war, again he got his old position in the government.

However, became the president of the republic Quirino when he died it was the current president Manuel Roxas.

Run again Quirino for the president in the election of and won against candidates of the Nacionalista.

During the presidency of Quirino, his government has two main goals: recover the trust and confidence in the government, and restore peace and order. Sadly, it's just that his government has experienced bad publicity, and for the first time in the history of the Philippines, a therapy trial or the purpose of expulsion on the spot was brought against the president because of a golden arinola allegedly bought dates in a large amount with the money of the government. His six-year administration as president is recognized due to the reconstruction after the war, general income in the economy and higher economic assistance from the United States. However, the problem from the provincial areas and other problems in the society is still not resolved. The government during his term was spotted with rob in the government and corruption. The running dates for the second term in is believed to be one of pinakamaruming elections that took place in the country - following the election in which won Ferdinand Marcos through massive fraud and intimidation. In the elections in, Quirino was defeated by one of the greatest president in the history of the Philippines, Ramon Magsaysay. Despite all of the controversies during his presidency, his administration was recognized for its projects in the adventure industry, expansion of irrigation and improvement in the system of roads, the erection of the Central Bank and the provincial bank, and peace between the Philippines and Japan. After his defeat, he returned to the life of a normal citizen. He died on February, in his home in Novaliches.