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Biography of Juan Luna - the Biography of the Hero of the Philippines

In, he moved to Paris and opened a studio there

Juan Luna y Novicio (October, - December) was a Filipino painter and heroHe is well known for his pictures Painting, a sketch of the dragging of the corpse of the defeated gladyator in The Colosseum in Rome. The nakakabagbag-feeling scene it can be likened to the misfortune of the Filipinos under Spain. He was born in Badoc, Ilocos Norte, the third of seven children of Joaquin Luna and Laurena Novicio. Family moved to Manila in to get good education for the children. Cautious is Luna in the painting due to the influence of his older brother Manuel, that excellent painter. Also studied is Luna at the Ateneo de Manila university, and then at the Escuela Nautica. Through it, he saw the beautiful scenery in Hongkong, Amoy, Singapore, Batavia, and Colombo. When in Manila, he meeting he still Lorenzo Guerrero of the painting. He entered the Academia de Dibujo Y Pintura in Manila but ejected, perhaps because his style does not conform to the wishes of his master. In, on the recommendation of Guerrero, pinaaral he of his parents in the Escuela de Bella Artes in Madrid. But, he didn't like the way of pointing it When he met the painter Don Alejo Vera, he leaves school to become an apprentice he.

They had two children they have but one died as a baby

In he won a gold silver for her served as La Muerta de Cleopatra in the international competition to the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Because here been made he of the Ayuntamiento of Manila, on the condition that he make a picture for them. Several years passed before he finished it El Pacto de Sangre. In, his Painting was the winner of one of three gold medal in the Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes for that year.

Her two entries at the Exposicion of, La Batalla de Lepanto and Rendicion de Granada and the winner as well.

In, he married Mary Paz Pardo de san pedro, the brother of her friends were Felix and Trinidad Pardo de san pedro. After's few years, sinuspetiya's Luna with the lover her husband, so in, he killed his wife, along with her mother, due to his pagselos. Idinetermina of the court that it was he did while while maniac and so undoubtedly he. Back is Luna in Madrid along with alone his living son, Andrew. He returned to the Philippines in and idinakip he along with his brother Antonio Luna in and imprisoned at Fort Santiago because they are sinususpetiyang-oraganisa of the revolution of the Revolution. When he was later released in twenty-seven May, he returned to Europe.

In the government's revolutionaries of Emilio Aguinaldo, one he chose to be part of the delegation for negotiations on the recognition of Paris and America in the new republic.

On the way home that he was in the Philippines, he stopped in Hong Kong, which attacked him in the heart and died. After a few years, his last piece Peuple et Rois which he completed in is ikinunsiderang best entry to the Universal Exposition in Saint Louis in America.