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Biography of Rodrigo Duterte - the Biography of the Hero of the Philippines

Rodrigo 'Rody' Roa Duterte was born on March Terminated, for he did his law in the year in San Beda College of Law After that he worked as a lawyer and prosecutor of Davao City, one of the largest city of the PhilippinesSi Duterte became the vice mayor of Davao City before he became the mayor of the city in.

He was one of the mayor of the Philippines with the longest reimbursement to the service, it reached seven terms and more than twenty-two years. On May, won si Duterte in the election as the presidency He got.

of the votes against opponent which is Mar Roxas from the Liberal party. In his campaign, he promised to reduce crime by killing thousands of criminals. His domestic policy is focused on combating illegal drug by pursuit of the suspected of selling and using drugs. In April, estimated over, people died from the legitimate operations of the police and.

Si Duterte called 'The Punisher' by Time magazine, is linked also of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in ekstrahudisyal that pamamaslang over, four hundred suspected criminals with the November Twenty-one years of, at a private gathering in the San Beda College of Law, formally announced by Duterte his intent to run as president in the elections of.

Also accepted he's offer Alan Peter Cayetano to be the running mate in the coming election. In his campaign he has said that he would implement a federal parliamentary form of government. He also is promised to be put to death thousands of criminals, and repress the crimes within six months.

In th of May, announced of the th Congress of the Philippines si Duterte as the new elected President of the Philippines after he get, votes, nearly seven million more than his nearest opponent.