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Celebration in the Philippines

Every unangaraw of January celebrating the New Year

Armor of the Roman soldiers the namamantang men in this festival in Marinduque

The okasyongipinagdiriwang throughout the archipelago are those who are very important to history and society.

We join each other in the world-holding it so long as tinatawagitong national celebration. Usually idinedeklarang holidays or walangpasok in office and school the national celebration. Fun together eating and nagkukuwentuhanpa the members of the family. Also includes, nagbabatian, and vocal yet silanang full vitality to meet it. Do they have it family reunion. Here shows the pagbubuklud-bond of family. Makaysaysayanang this day.

It is celebrated every th of February.

The day itoang became the forerunner of the return of the freedom of citizens from rehimengdiktador. It is in front of Camp Aguinaldo and Camp Crame.

Supported by it's citizens.

It was called People POWER or EDSA Revolution. Tinatawagdin it the People's Power Revolution or People Power-People and Rebolusyonng February.

The cross satuktok of Mount Samat in Bataan the nagpapagunita concerning the strong nasundalong Filipino combat with the Japanese during the Second world War.

The shrine of Valor the call to this monument. Think back of the country the Meaning Bravery every time come April. Also shown here is the pakakaisa the arawaks ball alien. Ipinagdiriwangtuwing May one the Day of the Workers. Appreciate the workers like their service to society. They helps us in pagtugonsa our needs. Helps them to let us have food every day, proper accommodation, various equipment, and other things. TuwingHunyo Twelve each year observing and celebrating of the Day ngKalayaan from Spain. With the parade and also offer flowers sabantayog's. We also offer flowers to other heroes. Lift up more of the president of the country the flag of the Philippines in Rizal Park. Maramipang inihahandang program, concert, and fun in this celebration. Together the area celebrated the occasion. The virgina Hero is celebrated every August twenty-six annually. Offering the mgaPilipino of flowers for them. With the statutes yet. Appreciate to this day the achievements of the heroes for freedom atkapakanan of the country. There are other mgapagdiriwang in the Philippines. Including here is the floor grinder. They are carried out in different month throughout the year. It shows the effects properties and some customs of the Filipinos.

Unlike the pambansangpagdiriwang that idinideklarang holidays, the pangsibikong celebration usually hand held with admission also in offices and schools across the country.

However, there are several areas professing no off as of the City Quezonkapag celebrates pakakatatag it every August. Every th ngPebrero it. We are showing our loved ones how much we silainaalala. Show also we the importance they. We ginagawangparaan to show our love. We are united in holding ngpagdiriwang this. Nagbibigayn people of cards or any memories to this day. Celebrated angLinggo of Fire prevention in the month of May. Emphasizing the paraankung how we take care of the fire. Also educated us on fire prevention. Learn more we ought to do if you have a fire. When there is fire today place, we work together to extinguish it.

With programs more the mgabarangay showing the way of fire prevention.

The celebration napansibiko the Mother's Day and Father's Day. Every second Week ngMayo the celebration for mom and every third Week of June the withthe father.

We commemorate on this day the goodness of our mother and father.

Many paligsahantuwing come the month of August.

It's the easy laying, singing, and writing essays in the English language.

Usually it is celebrated saika- of August. This is the birthday of President Manuel L. Quezon, the Father ngWikang National.

Usually united the whole country in this occasion.

Fun meet this bagomaghating night of December

Emphasizing the love in our language. Appreciate and pinayayaman panatin it. Sympathetic the use of the word in the assembly, sapagsulat, and discussion. As of October, celebrating United Nations Day. Show of the festival this the the camaraderie we have in different countries around the world. Pagkakabuklud-bond symbol. The Organization of the United Nations the binding to be quite the bargain and unite the country. Interdependence another cause of it. There are statutes also preparing it.

Not only in school but also on television and radio.

This is the day that commemorates the Filipinos the importance of family and the love and unity of each member of it. Think back also of their city or town. Varies of it only a date according to the hero or unique Filipino look back. Every June twenty-four the Days of Manila. Th - of August the Day of Quezon City. Many celebrations that the religious groups in the Philippines. Also conducted it in different months throughout the year. See here the norms and values that Filipinos Care for our brothers and sisters Christians the celebration of the Holiday season every th of December. Day of commemoration of the birth of Jesus, the Son of the God of the Christians. Misa de gallo or simbang-night the forerunner of the celebration of the Holiday season. It starts on the th of December. The misa de gallo the consecutive nine national night until midnight of the day of Christmas. United Filipinos in its celebration. Many attend the masses in it.

Together church the family here.

Love in every one the message it does convey to us every time come Christmas. A day it is also for loved ones - relatives and friends - and also enemies.

Need to serve each Christian Filipinos of peace not only across the country but also around the world.

If so you should remember that the message of Christmas is love and peace. It is also a sign of unification of families. Together it or having reunion the members of the family. Another superb celebration if Christmas the parade of colorful and maiilaw lantern made in San Fernando, Pampanga. Part of the tourist paradang it. It is the celebration in Kalibo, Aklan. Three days of singing and dancing in the road. Nagpaphid of soot or any black coloring on the whole body joining in the parade. Wear yet they colorful costumes while dancing to the accompaniment of the ringing of the drum on the road. Holding the image of the Santo Niño a ati while sumsayaw. Cry of 'viva' the others in their dancing. 'Long life' the meaning of the word viva. A very important and unique tradition of Catholic Filipinos. United the it in holding it.

Usually hear pabasa in the villages, the chapel, and as in the home that tells the story of the life of Christ.

Penance was the call to do what nagpapasakit or namamanata every Dear Day, Their oppressed and punished the self-carrying of the cross or cages and pagsugat in their body. A procession of the statue of Christ and other saints the go on the main road of the village or town every Friday. Noisy and fun to hear the bells of all the churches every Sunday of the Resurrection to ipabando or announce the resurrection of our Lord. There is another task carried out every lent. This is the Brain of Marinduque. A colorful customs and other easter it. Wear clothes of the Roman soldiers and colorful mask the namamanata. A tradition also. Honor here the ghost of the farmer who is San Isidro de Labrador. United nagsasabit the Quezon products-farm and indigenous food to the doors and windows of their house. A Part of the celebration of San Isidro the blessing in buffaloes. Ipinaparada of farmers their buffaloes towards the church to bless the priest.

They believe that isolated they and their buffalo to diseases and accidents in the shower.

A colorful celebration it is impossible to please all in Quezon every month of May. This one is still fun. The body will be conducted in May. A procession it shows and isinasadula the search of Santa Elena in the Holy Cross. Many beautiful women in prusisyong it represents the Virgin Mary, and other women staff in the Bible and akadang associated with it. Camarines Sur in the Bicol region. A procession in the river of mapagmilagrong image of the Virgin of Peñafrancia the part in this celebration. Conducted the prusisyong it in the River of Naga and men only participating. Good equipped with the decor of the throne of the virgin in a kasko. It is celebrated during the first day of November. Commemorate and honor the deceased relatives on this day. Usually go the cemetery to light the candles, offer flowers and food, and pray for deceased loved ones. United is also the practice of the practice. A month celebration of our brother Muslims in the South every March to April. Together and united they are also in celebration of this occasion. Important celebration with them. Held the customs and traditions of the followers of Islam around the world. Wear a long veil on their faces the women of Muslims when go they to their mosque. Keeping or fasting all Muslim celebrations like this. They pray to Allah their Lord. Look back they pakakahayag or revelation of the Koran to Mohammmed, the prophet of Islam. Reading yet they are of the Koran. The Koran is the holy book of the Muslims. After Ramadan, celebrated by our brothers and sisters Muslims the Hari Raya Puasa. Starting and awakens they loud noise of the drum. They immediately sent their finest apparel and go in the mosque. They pray a time The Imam calls on their priests.