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How formed the archipelago of the philippines

as a salute to the king of spain, king Philip

the archipelago of the philippines is derived from a large form of land and due dates for the philippines in the pacific ring of fire is successive earthquake occurred and shook the surface of the earth and had many cuts and was cut apart and became the islands of the philippinesdiscover the philippines I what is wealth OTHER wealth and the many that do would still not hide it share it with the people. Another answer: Discovered by Ferdinand Magellan because he wants to prove that the world is round and bulky. the founder of the religion of Islam is Muhammed was among the group of traders in Mecca. Began the spread of Islam in southeast Asia with the establishment of the sultanate in delhi, India. To avoid being bitten by mosquitoes aedes aegypti (the type of mosquito spreading Dengue Fever), always coat with mosquito repellant lotion. And also need to avoid stagnant water or do not store the water that may house mosquitoes. In this way naitataguyod they the surface of their family, in the day-to-day. if it will do you a lot of books and sell to different places to learn of the children's reading of the myth god Made the nature and the continent to capitalise on it. and so he god made the world for accommodate this of the people and avail it also of people and animals so god made, what type of animals, dog, cat, cow, kangaroo, cow, kabayoo. Those are the halinb the mercy of god made in the world so lucky we are and made us the life we are lent me in the middle of god so we should preserve and preserve the life lent by god to us so that we die mean nyun is revoked that god has lent to say life in the us lahatat should you take masamaat should be thankful we diyoswag we spoil the lent of god to us should we regulate and that the want of god that make us all so be thankful we are all to god the other people also if they are given of god to ask them because they will plead with god that would hear god's the they say so not only of god irrespective of the requested hopefully fulfill their dreams they can and they will be happy and highly highly the gratitude of the people of god.

so should we be thankful to god but because of him without us in the world he made.

called the las islas pilipinas, our country's ruy Lopez de villalobos. formed the history since the first man born of the ancient period and they marcelo h del pillar a the others.

at home they're just taught by their parents.

the girls are taught to make and work meanwhile the man is educated learn of the weapon.

in purely only with formal education called bothoan. It refers to the extent or dimensions, shape, topography, location, and climate. The effectual factors other geography in the work and culture of the people. First the release. The release is the formation of words by the first letter of the word (ex. SCUBA from Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus). Comply also the most sweetest gum that words are without maturity but not used now (ex. plaque, pen and:). Third also the Jargon that we could also liken to the 'shop talk' or words used by ispisikong professions (for example doctors: hyperthyroidism, stethoscope, MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging). Mix-mix that language in turn is the mixing of two words sometimes one is English and one is English (ex. Chinoy from Chinese and Pinoy). Eupimismo is the word substituting the word ugly in taste or hearing (ex. funeral parlor makes the slumber room). The words of the sign of the word is done by putting the affix to the root word or repetition over time (ex. beauty - beauty, beautiful beautiful, beautified etc.). Finally is the use of numbers, for example it has from the number of each word in the sentence 'I love you.

The Philippine language is divided into the following groups: Northern Philippine Languages Batanic Language Northern Luzon language Central Luzon languages Northen Mindoro language Greater Central Philippine languages South Utram languages Central Philippine languages Palawan language, Mindanao languages Gorontalo-Mongondow languages Kalamian language This is the theory of beyer -Promoting of inference about three groups of People - Negritos, indonesian and Malay as the ancestors of the Filipinos Do in the Philippines is the fable on July, due to our national hero, Dr.

Jose Rizal to make of the lamborghini. against use of the drug with the capture of fish and animals.

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First, it is pangaea, the huge continent, only he, next is tectonic movement and it also duration and also continental drift.

xD rich-it usually lives in big and lot house lot of land. the middle class-it can have so but so enough just difficult-it can in the squaters area many claims to the origin of the islands, but for scientific also study the more they believed the cause of the clash of two giants.

no formal education in the first period

because there are different groups of people who come to the philippines so evolved the azim Filipino because of the interaction and for trade.

Answe: god created the world by his kapangyarihankung not tau made by god neither should the tau release, katutuluyan, and of course there is also the tau how futile the from no benefit.

the territory of the philippines is composed of the philippine archipelago, island, kalapang insular, and the area submarina. Some of the factors of growth of the population will be. Shortness of knowledge on family planning or contraceptives. The multiplication of the people (a father and a mother) may have children of one to sixteen three or more new people. Unemployment, makes the past time the ap) Lack of food, water and other needs of the people) Falling of the economy) Risk to human health) Breeding the poor ta) Land, water, and air pollution) Stress and deafness due to Noise pollution) Retrograde traffic) Acid ra in.) Ozone depletion)Global Climate Change) Many dying because that is also in flood, erosion, land slides, and others. formed the history since the first man born of the ancient period and they marcelo h del pillar a the others. Educated the children of their parents in their own house or sometimes in the house of the instructor. Teach them to write, read, and count. Moreover, training the boys to become warriors and learn of the different occupation such as hunting, fishing, pagmm mom, and selling businiss card design. In the home, the mother teaches the daughter of the household work like cooking and sewing. it is preparing them for being a good wife and mom when they were married. because po xa lack xa equipment.

and ndi also c la nakapaq studied.

c just money and panq fee xa school. amount it be studied to fully understand why only two types the experience klia in the country. the seminar and another island of birds a. country nakatlad one malaysiya and the usa and also includes the pacific ring of fire surrounded by five countries malaysiya, japan, philippines, usa and India un the five countries of the pacific ring of fire. Should you learn to bear with him.

But always you shall understand.

If you had to leave and you should be nanjan for him and show you that you love it. difficult the comunication, transportation, and having different beliefs in the different islands of the philippines. by: aya four until Twenty-one degrees north latitude and until degrees east longitude in the northern silanagan of Malaysia north of Indonesia the south west of Taiwan and Korea south of japan west of the marianas island in the I think I lived in the us since joined us in the ring of fire and since then a lot of earthquakes and broken places it to the beginning of the development in the philippines said that the geography is the relationship of the world to the people. when n just farming. the knbubuhay of people are the farming glng in seeing the land area of the world and with the passage of pnhaon is it the only reason to thrive or kya will shape the civilization.