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How the Bible describes a pattern family Christian

However, this does not mean that equal they of the role

A pattern family Christian is a family that follows the principles of the Bible and a family which understands and role of each member the role given to them by GodNot an institution the family that established only of the people.

It is established by God for the good of the people, and entrusted with the management here.

A family consists of a man and a woman - his wife - and their children or adopted. Be joining a family relative such as grandfather and grandmother, niece and husband, cousin and uncle and aunt. One of the main principles of the family consists of assigning one another according to the will of God in the whole life of each member. Responsible to marry in the maintenance of good relsayon in their families regardless of the culture they live in. Of course, the first criteria for members of a Christian family is Christian all of them and have a real relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Provided on Ephesians: - principles for husband and wife in a Christian family.

Demands on a man wife that love his wife as Christ's love in the church and must in turn respect of a wife for her husband and submit to his leadership in the family.

The initiative of the husband should begin with his own relationship with God and then flow it in teaching his wife and children out of the song spiritually and leading his family towards biblical truth. Commanded the fathers to raise their children in the 'discipline and teachings of the Lord' (Ephesians:). If not, it seems turn to him in faith, 'and even worse than a non-believers' (Timothy:).

Therefore, the a father of the home that are not trying to meet the needs of his family has no right to call himself a Christian.

This does not mean that you should not help his wife in supporting the family shown in the Proverbs thirty-one the making of a good wife but not his primary responsibility the provision of the needs of his family. This responsibility of his wife God gave the woman to the man to his be partner in life (Genesis: -) and to bring his son in her womb. Should remain faithful to each other the married life God declared the equality of value of women and men because they both nilkha according to His likeness and both are important in the eyes of God. In general, more suitable the woman in concern and care to the children, while the men are more appropriate in providing the needs and care of his family. Therefore they justified the state, but with a different role each one in a Christian marriage. In Christian marriage, it is important the principles of the Bible regarding sexual relationships. Contradicted by the Biblical perspective on many cultures that is acceptable to God the divorce, the inclusion of not more wedding and marriage of the same sex. The sexuality that is presented according to the standards of the Bible is a beautiful expression of love and dedication to one another. Outside in the ordinance of marriage, sex is a sin Given the children of the two main responsibilities in the family Christian: the obey and revere their parents. Obedience to parents is a duty of the children until they arrive at the adult but the responsibility they have while living the respect to their parents. God promised the blessing to gumagagalang with their parents. In the ideal, all of the members of a Christian family should be assigning to Christ of their lives in the service of God. If the role of father, mother and children the role given to them by God, to reign the peace and harmony in the home. But, if the attempt we have a family of Christians without Christ as president and we are not following the principles given by the Lord through the Bible, suffer our family.