How to get access password from a protected file

ACCDB to the latest version, and protects it with the same way that other products from the Office of the use of the Microsoft family. The most commonplace type of protection for MS Office documents is a password to open. This is a high level of password is required for opening a document — in our case, a file. However, the password will get forgotten and lost, and Access is no exception to this rule — if you a password can be set once intentionally or unintentionally and forgotten a few weeks later. A password-protected files can be “inherited” from a colleague who is currently out of reach or on vacation.

So there are all kinds of situations that make you think of one thing: from a protected file, you have two options. One is to find the people that have this skill and the other one is to find a tools that will help you from a protected file on your own, thus saving you a sufficient amount of money and quite possibly a few days of your work. is a lightning-fast tool that will solve the problem of lost and forgotten Access passwords once and for all. If you do not know furniture does not use time — and resource-consuming brute force attack or dictionary-based attacks. Instead, and removal, so you can either copy the recovered password to the system clipboard and use it in a database editor afterwards or simply remove the Access password by clicking a single button.

for passwords to open

All other types of passwords, including user and group level passwords, database owner and security ID password, as well as VBA project passwords, are Not supported due to technical limitations.

has one of the simplest interfaces you’ve ever seen

Because the program uses the complicated procedure password recovery, without need for additional control, the menu and navigation items.

You do not need to configure a bunch of parameters to that’s all

You can now choose a different file for removing the password or exit from the program. As you can see, it takes is capable of recovering and removing passwords to open from almost all of the Microsoft Access database, with the exception of the latest ACCDB format. It can recover passwords from encrypted and non-encrypted Access databases, works of. mdb file located on the local network (if accessible) and works completely autonomously, so you don’t have MS Access to perform an operation. The users of international versions of MS Access will appreciate the ability of the program to work with passwords in different encodings, including ANSI, Unicode, numeric and alpha-numeric. will come in handy especially for professionals in the dealing with a large number of support requests coming from users who actively collaborate with Access databases. It can also turn out to be a useful tool in the arsenal of a database developer dealing with assignments customized and legacy system support. Whatever the case you will, will prove to be a wise investment that will pay off the very first time you need help with a quick We will refund your order if our tools and our specialist is not to remove the password from your Access database