How to get the citizenship of Turkey — Education in Europe

Turkey is very popular with Russians as a place to rest. Beautiful beaches, a warm climate and a special atmosphere attract many holidaymakers. If you are so love Turkey, who want to switch to it permanently, you do not want to know, how to get citizenship of Turkey. To do this, there are several ways, but they require the implementation of the main conditions: Turkish language knowledge, the presence of a source of revenue, observance of the Turkish laws and regulations, disease and lack of, that can put in risk the health of Turkish citizens. Pick up the nationality of Turkey in many ways. The first and easiest is to get citizenship by descent. If at least one of the parents is a citizen of Turkey, the child will get citizenship automatically. Turkey also receives the citizenship of children born or adopted after the Turkish citizens. People from abroad can get citizenship of Turkey Ministry of the specific country, if a person imports of industrial complexes in the republic, or if the person has made a very important contribution to various sectors of the economy. Also available in cases of citizenship, when a person is a refugee. You can get citizenship through five years of legal residence in Turkey. To do this, first a few years to live legally in the country, receiving permits Turkey. To invest in the purchase of a home or apartment in Turkey. The purchase of the house in the country — a good place for quickly obtaining a residence permit, and and citizenship.

Marriage to citizens of Turkey. Admission to Turkish Higher Educational Institution.

This method is the fastest

Creating a family provides the right to an alien for residence permit for a period of Twelve months. At the end of this document need to extend it for another two years. Then you can start to make out the nationality. And it is turns out, to get a passport only need three years, instead of five. However, the people from abroad, who want to get the citizenship of Turkey in this way should know the following: when considering the acquisition of citizenship documents for checks police several times in a, and where dwell be family. The police will enter the house or apartment, check it out, as well as conduct a survey on its neighbors, to make, that the future marriage was not a fake. To buy a house or apartment in Turkey, you must first get a residence permit for six months, and for his acquisition, you need to have an account in a banking institution of Islamic countries in the amount of not less than three thousands of dollars. It is necessary to get a number of taxes to the state court.

It is made in presentation of the passport

All ready with paper four photographs and passport you need to pass to the Service the Immigration. After filing for one Time a person receives a residence permit. If his bank account is six thousands of dollars and more, the presenter receives a residence permit immediately to two years. The next stage of the acquisition of citizenship through purchase of real estate — is the selection of objects. You can imagine that in the house, apartment, parcel, and then you should make a contract for the purchase of, contact the Land Registry Office. After this point all documents are sent to the War Department, where they are checked by two to five months. After checking in the stranger is given a certificate of right to own property, and it provides several advantages, namely: a person does not will have to renew the residence permit. And in that case, if he will stay in Turkey for five years, he will be able to get citizenship. To get the citizenship of Turkey to collect and equip such securities: statement passport, must be stamped with the certified documents confirmed by a copy of the residence permit role in the tenure or land Information about the abundance of the applicant’s marriage certificate or dissolution of its proof of sufficient possession of the Turkish language documents about the absence of dangerous diseases certificate of birth in a amount of photos of color two pcs. Papers should be collected in two folders: the first is the original, and the second copy