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How to teach to write a child. Good about health in iLive

How to teach a child to write the problem of many young parents

The children will learn to read faster than write, and nothing should be done about it.

So how do you teach a child to write, and have the ability and beautiful.

In Russian, many words - exceptions, rules, ways of writing, to learn children to write correctly in the long term.

Remembering all of these principles it is difficult for children, more easy to read.

It is necessary to have patience, if you want, that your When your child has passed three years old, he should begin to prepare a little bit for writing. It is believed that the children will begin to write calligraphy, approximately, at the age of - years. If you want to teach your child to write early, before he entered the school, make him a massage of the hands and fingers to the baby is not feeling of fatigue when writing. It would be super cool if the kids will draw or sculpt a figure from plasticine, it also helps in the development of the hand and hand, the training helps in developing great motor skills.

A very important point in teaching a child to write is if the right he holds a written thing to handle, whether it is a pen, a pencil or pen of the marker.

If your child gets use to the writing not how it is necessary, then it will be difficult to retrain. When did the rules to write and handle correctly the subject, the factors that affect the health of the baby in the future is considered: vision, posture, development of muscles of the arm to avoid fatigue. The child should hold the handle in the phalanx, especially the upper phalanx of the middle finger. The arrangement of the handle is done with the thumb and index finger. Very important to ensure that the end of the handle is pointing to the shoulder. Your child learned to write quickly and accurately, take your notebook with him or a good album. In it will try to write together, the child is much more interesting to train with his parents than himself. Do not ask children from the beginning of the complex words, it will be long and painful to learn them. Start with common letters It is possible for a child to catch up in points or to write simple letters of the alphabet.

After learn of baby the letters, he can begin to study the simple words that he knew well: father, mother, rabbit, cat, forest, or other words that you want him.

After finishing of training of this word, calmly proceed to the study of the before. You can adjust from time to time for your child a 'special' dictation.

Just show your child the different beautiful simple picture, and write the names of what is depicted there.

This procedure is perfectly develops of fantasy, logic, speed of thinking. Do not try to teach your child immediately to write great big letters in the alphabet Russian with a different rocker and curls. This is a wrong way of teaching letters First you will learn your baby how to write printed letters, so that the hand is used in loading, built the fingers. In order to properly write the child, you first need he learn the basic knowledge in the writing of ordinary printed letters. It would be great if you bought the ciphers, where the letters are written in the form of dots (with dots). Such formulations greatly simplify the process of learning The children are fond of drawing letters and words from the point, usually are often addicted to work.

Very important of your attention and support if you want to teach you how to write a young.

Support it in every possible way, rejoice along with it, don't get angry.

If you follow the simple rule learns the child to write very quickly and with pleasure.

You want every parent to know their child understand, speak, study, fully developed, and simply adapted to the surrounding circumstances. Now with many methods of early development of children, both the same and totally different.