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Microsoft Account - Manage Your Microsoft Account in One Place

Add money to Microsoft account of your child any time

They do not will need your credit card, and containers we of age limit their purchasesJoin a group video call, or send a short message to all of included in the chat family that is already set up and waiting for you. The activity reports will allow you to see the activity of your children online. Can you talk about good practices and set limits related to the duration of the dealing they on the screen together. View and clear the location data that we collect when you are using the products and services of Microsoft. Make sure up-to-date your information. In this way you prove that you are the owner in case you forget your password. Change any part of your personal information and will be updated with every device and service. Update your photo, personal information, and billing information at any time in one place.

If you have many email address or phone number, tell us you use the most to give you information about your Microsoft account.

If you need, you can block particular app, game, or website

Keep we up to date the information of your subscription in the account with Microsoft, so that you will properly be able to access the Xbox, Skype, Office, and many others. All of your subscription, live in the same place. Quick renew and manage each service lets you be connected and productive. Update or change a payment option, or add a new payment method for a subscription. Use the Office Online along with the email for free, get free storage in OneDrive, automatically be enrolled in the free program that Microsoft Rewards, and have free calls on Skype. Did you think about a subscription. Do you feel concerned If you need to stop the automatic renewal, get a refund, or cancel, you can do it in few clicks only.

Displays the history page of your ordering every last purchase and the details of it. Go back to the past, any time Update your credit card information, add new ways of paying for stuff, or remove the old payment option in your account.

If you lose one of your devices, or if you think you may have stole it, to find, ring, lock, and erase it.