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Not just another-August: Identify the Commission on the Filipino Language

MANILA, Philippines - Many of us hears just about to post this every August, since presided over the celebration of the Month of Language in the whole country. In, for example, with the anvil (workshop) it to the province for train the government staff to write in Filipino of official communication. Established the PURPOSE on August, on the validity of Republic Act Number Under it the Office of the President of the PhilippinesRole PURPOSE to make plans, policy, and research for establish, develop, and preserve the Filipino language and other languages in the Philippines. For on the rd anniversary of the agency this year, here's some other important information about Commission on the Filipino Language Started the elmsley count as parts of the leaf (ground floor) or the National Language Institute (which became the Institute of National Language) The Commission is composed of representatives of the various languages and ethnolinguistic regions in the Philippines Including in the doing of PURPOSE is the translation in English of documents or text, and research about the Filipino language.