Period Of Japanese — Greatest Living Filipino

In the first is there are many who belittle them. Not raw so the Japanese are doing kolonyalistang the country. Waiting only of Filipinos to be free after several years ‘guidance’ of the Americans. But at the same time of the gradual insertion of Japanese in the country and the outbreak of the war was the discovery in a itinatagong truth: we cannot afford to defend the Americans who fully expect a lot of compatriots say in that time. After access Manila, proclaimed immediately the implementation of martial law on January. From the very beginning has expressed that immediately they not preference good view of the American. For it is said to them, the Philippines is for Filipinos only. But this in turn is one that is only strategies used by a conference to captivate the hearts of citizens of countries occupied. Not yet nananamnam of demokrasiyang pinatikim of the American is immediately in turn replaced it with martial law. Presented the threat of the Japanese and the desire of this regiment to the citizens. During that time, the members of the military, from highest rank to lowest, became the symbol of power, cruelty and lies. Many are arrested without even enough evidence to made evil. Listening to only the Japanese in the rumor primarily that of the spy. Been problem is also disagreement in the language.

The mg a Filipino did not makaalma due to taken they of weapons and with minimal pagkanti only in a jail is harsh punishment, but man slaying the equivalent. Made of the taker it all, control only the Filipinos. Implemented they the time limit of the appearance of people in their house, where the not next is aarestuhin and confined. With the release of the news, everyone should take in their critiques. Many newspapers and other documentation the ipinatigil. The left only has your they the he run. Pinakialaman also organizations and institutions as the church. Banned the use of our flag the playing of the national anthem. Be the names of roads and places reminding Americans are replaced. Forced they also lend the people the money was called ‘Mickey Mouse Money.

It’s all they did

No one is able to do the Release.

A small mistake they can lead to death

Nothing also done immediately the American. Been strong that the control of the Japanese in the Philippines. The former ignored a lot of Filipinos are in turn became the reason of gaining they of a bad dream