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Permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Reception and registration of permanent residence in the Czech Republic. Education in Europe

Czech Republic - one of the most attractive European Immigration in the Czech Republic - a painless process, but it takes time Here are her three stages: To go to Czech Republic for permanent residence, a first, necessary to relate their abilities to the requirements of the law of the countryThere are different reasons for getting permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The general position of the alien is counting on permanent residence only after five years of residence permit (motive - Entrepreneurship, work visa) in the conditions, he was at that time did not leave the country over, in ten months in the total population, and the lack of a single period does not exceed six months.

Registration of marriage to a Czech citizen reduces the five-year 'trial period' more than two times - the right to apply for permanent residence occurs within two years.

teen, who came to the country to study on a student visa are eligible for permanent residence only after a ten-year stay in it. The Czech law provides for ways to speed up this mechanism - for example, after several years of study, you can open your company and trade, thus, student visa business visa. A writing of their relatives from abroad property, give them a chance to legally stay in the country. Title holders offer to relocate almost the same time a citizen of the Czech Republic. Excluding one - no right to elect and to be elected A person should maintain citizenship of their country, but it can work in Czech Republic, buy property in his name, be eligible for pension and social security benefits. Permanent residence foreigners who are employed on equal terms with the citizens of the Czech Republic, it is not necessary to get permission in the office of the work. His son covered the privilege of free medical care up, while they learn (to twenty six years).

Avoid the first stage of legalizing their stay in the Czech Republic (the acquisition of a residence permit) in some cases, can be. For example If you have planned a move to the country and selected for in the legal basis, then you can ask for help in the preparation of documents for the organization, helping immigrants, to start collecting the necessary documents themselves.

To the knowledge of the Czech language, it will not make any problems for you, however, It will take you some time.