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Policy on Release of Student - Schools in Canada

The Bouchereau Lingua International (BLI) is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the students have the opportunity to successfully complete their program. The students do not support the goals of the academic and ethical of the BLI for themselves and their fellow students may be subject to penalties, up to and including expulsionIn general, the attempt of BLI to resolve a situation without expulsion. The verbs that warning, written warnings and suspension may precede the final and most serious action.

When the BLI believes that the integrity, safety or well-being of its students, staff, clients or other guests is in danger, the expulsion will be issued at the discretion of the school at any point in the process.

The failure to pay overdue accounts due to the BLI within the specified period can be the basis for The consumption of Cannabis is not allowed on the property of the school, in school events, activities or travel and excursion by anyone, neither staff or students. Any underage minor that students who possesses, uses, sells, or shares of legal (eg Marijuana, prescription drugs, etc.) Or illegal drugs, using drugs, alcohol or tobacco at any time while on school property, or under school authority, are subject to the most serious disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion.

The school policy on drugs and alcohol also applies to all trips and activities of students.

The school reserves the right to search any property of the student if that student is suspected to have drugs or illegal substances or objects to school, travel and activities. The students believed to be under the influence of drugs and - or alcohol has serious consequences including suspension or expulsion. All students are required to comply with the code of conduct of the BLI Even if the breach has no potential result in physical damage to people or property, can be removed BLI a student who has received suspension for failure to comply and has since violated any terms of the code of conduct of the BLI. Not authorized by BLI the harassment or discrimination of any student, staff staff, clients or visitors to the school.

The students who are participating in the harassment or acts of reasoning that race, sexual, or pertaining to sexual orientation will be subject to immediate suspension depending on the severity of the activity and pending investigation.

Any students who considered that the investigation focused on serious harassment or activity that there is discrimination can be expelled in the determination of school, depending on the severity of the activity. In determining what constitutes harassment or discrimination, the BLI refers to the Charter of The Quebec Human rights and Freedom. The students also damage, steal or otherwise misuse the property of the school may be expelled and The BLI is committed to the right of all school staff, students, clients and visitors to be safe. Students who by action or neglect in any way endanger the safety of themselves or others will be removed. Students subject to expulsion for any reason will be notified in writing, either by email, a letter given by hand or registered mail. The BLI is not liable for non-delivery of registered mail if the student has not provided a valid residential address. The notification will contain a description of the basis for expulsion and the effective date. The cast that student to nagpapalaban on the facts of the expulsion must appeal the decision within three days from notification after the procedure of complaints of the BLI provided to the student and providing sufficient proof to support the complaint. The students who filed the appeal and are unsuccessful are considered withdrawn from BLI The arrangement of the accounts of the students, for the students who are expelled, will be completed under the Refund Policy of the School, with the effective date of expulsion as the last day of attendance in their program of study. A student that is expelled is responsible for the return of any property of the school in his own possession within ten days of the dismissal and held financial responsible for any property not returned in good condition.