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Popularity", thanks to the support of the child

MANILA Thanked the actor who is Popularity"with son Zeke in the support given to him as they parted the wife, Harlene Bautista

The visit of the father and son in 'the Good Life' this Saturday, full of love became thanksgiving's Popularity with his female children. Not gave the two detail what the cause of their return that ended in the nineteen years they pagsasasama. 'We've made arrangements how we do 'yung Christmas we I said 'what the children ask us how they do this Christmas for they feel comfortable and happen they want to happen. 'I dinami-dami blessings that I have received in my life, so they also five Its only November has become emotional is Popularity to have been visiting him in the 'Good Life' without share he about his life as a father.