Prepare for Disaster Creations of Nature: Information and Recourse of Help from the Government

The Storm Surge or big Waves the Storm is an abnormal rise of water on the beach caused by the low-pressure period, which brings strong winds and rain, which can freeze as storm. The flood is the rise of water in rivers, streams, lakes, and other form-water is overflowing into low-lying areas.

What government agency should I be running for when you need information at the time of natural disasters. The PAGASA is an agency under the Department of Science and Technology or DOST (Department of Science and Technology). It provides real-time or at the same time in the current update of warnings about weather and storms. Served the Public Storm Warning Signals for give the public a warning to the arrival of bad weather, especially about the strength or the signal of the storm. At the time that given the Storm Signal, it is possible to not yet feel in the mentioned areas the bad weather. Here’s the chart that explains the color-coded warning about the rain. It can distribute via Twitter, the media, and the cooperation of the local government: three For more information about color-coded warning signals: The use of color-coded rainfall advisories of PAGASA The Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) is a program launched by the DOST to establish a program responsive to the prevention and mitigation of disasters, with the high type of technology to increasingly enhance current geo-hazard vulnerability maps. Spread the this map the areas in the country serious if you hit the disaster. It is part of the website of PAGASA gives the public imonitor warnings and reports of flooding across the country.

The PHIVOLCS is a financial service of the DOST

Commissioned by the agency to minimize the impact of natural disasters caused by eruption of volcano, earthquake, tsunami, and other heotektonikong phenomenon. Established the NDRRMC for the prevention of accidents and reduction in risk caused by the disaster. It provides updates on the effects and steps to prepare for disasters such as storm, earthquake, and others. The DOTC is the agency of the national government that my turn in public transportation across the country. It gives updates on the weather system of public transportation in the country like the ride in the air, ocean, and road. The CAAP is an agency under the DOTC commissioned to enforce rules in the civil aviation or flying of civilian aircraft. It provides report on the operation and problems concerning trip aircraft. The Philippine Coast Guard is an agency under the DOTC that enforcement of marine safety, security, and search and rescue operations. It provides the warning to trip the maritime and report on the operation of the quay. Discharge the PIA updates about the relief and rescue efforts in areas affected by the natural disaster. The NGCP is the entity that ensures the sharing of safe and reliable electricity in the archipelago of the Philippines. It gives the warning and the reminder concerning the power supply. Provide time to time reports on the weather of the roads in Metro Manila also helped in controlling floods in Metro Manila. Monitored by the DSWD Twitter and to pakilusing together the relief effort without get the best of help most people in pinakaepisyenteng way. Gives the Mummies of update regarding the announcement from the local government about the suspensions of classes in different areas in the country. As the chairman of the Local Risk Reduction and Management Council (LDRRMC), can be executed by the local chief executive the local cancellation or suspension of classes and work in offices of the government. He will do this in collaboration with PAGASA and the NDRRMC, specifically in the flooded and mapeligrong place. Releasing the announcements for non-exceeding the: thirty a. m. of the day to cancel classes and work, or non-later than: a. m.

for suspension in the afternoon

Meanwhile, according to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order No, s, the suspension of classes in college, including graduate school, are automatically when idinekalara of the official signal no. If not, at the discretion of the head of the instusyon the suspension of classes. Classes in all levels in public and private schools, as the work in the office of the government is may cancel or suspend in areas affected by the disaster in addition to storm, such as flood, earthquake, tsunami, fire, and more. It depends on the declarations of the President of the State of Calamity according to the recommendation of the NDRRMC. In collaboration with the NDRRMC, the regional LDRRMC, led by the local chief executive, will be responsible to the announcement of the suspension of classes and work in government in the affected ligar. You need to use all forms of mass media it can use at those times