Simple Steps Before buying Land in the Philippines (Philippines)

To avoid problems in the future with the purchase of land here in the Philippines (Philippines), here are the SIMPLE STEPS that must be done prior to purchase of land: mainly as long as you come I agent (real estate agent) or so if the owner of the land and said pinagbibili he LAND him, Should you see it. Must be clean. Because yang replica that should be exactly-exactly there on the copy of the Register of Deeds. They do not differ. So you will know if FAUX, with the BURDEN, or so with the PROBLEMS the land.

The publication also eexecute you of the DEED of SALE or ‘Contract of Dealerships’, signed nyong two, when carry and also when the buyer and inonotarized yon. Within one month from notarization, pay the first fee. The calls dun, DOCUMENTARY STAMPS. Should be before the end of the month of the source, And the BIR to iissue when CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY TO REGISTER, a certification saying in the Register of Deeds fee that that all of the taxes and you can move the name of the title but there to buy. Just seen that ie (CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY TO REGISTER), you can take with you i.e. in the Register of Deeds, that the the final stages. To say the Register of Deeds, here it is the last fee, Transfer Fees. The fee that yon, not too expensive but, there you go, I’ll have that of Register of Deeds all. Isusurender that the OWNERS’ COPY of the title and you wait. And that’s how you follow-up. Because even in the Register of Deeds, quite last that. How do you no that the owner of the land and the life that only is the left child. And one is the son with five siblings are dead also. Good day po. Ask lang po me, there is also bibinta it’s not really people of the land done without pong title or declarasyon safe to buy papo we. Hi good day po. Have a question lang po I am. with sold I lot x sq. The question I have two dw they holding the title what I don on one I’m paying. What do I do. I want to know what is the durable we that paper will be handled and what should I ask to prove them. Hi po. Question lacking answer. When that sailboat that you ground why find still it turned perma for pumerma times. What are the reasons po. Diva should not October find because they no longer have the property. Hi po ma’am — sir, question lang po, with bumibile is the land of my mother sqm do this. in toloza leyte po yung land of my mother, I question po how much po so we mabebenta yung land of my mother. Good day, Sir my plan is I buy the land, but inheritance just this and a lot more naipapangalan to the heirs. But split him — his part brothers and sisters. Be easy is the process of pagpapatitulo or transferring the end around a lot more addressed to buyer the land.

thank you

With the land I sold but title, sq. m the total, qang bnili I just have five hundred sq. m, I have a deed of sale, but nka indicate that the sale of the land that they have divided what is po gagwin for mpatransfer I title hello po I intend do buy the land’s kumpare I the land is intact yet s title eleven of them brothers and sisters here is not yet half s it it they name but with half-and-half that they each one sq. meter f order I s kumpare I sq. meter is with a partner I f one skins is the way it is bah I should do that I am not fooled and what are the bah process the I need thanks Plan we can buy land but EPEB number just afford to iprovide nung seller, addressed pa raw po kasi to the former owner. can you please suggest what to do. Thanks Purchased I of land on installment. You have paid me k. Also before the mind I and non I to be continued. I have recovered is the money I have and what is the process. Good day po. Did I just question the intention is we buy land says you deeds of sales just said I can give you. Because raw po yung title of the land it is named deceased sold raw can he really land on the inheritance. No sailboat is divided so land what are the good do it. Thank you for the answer. I bought land in the bank, nagdown po muna aq. thirty-nine percent for sqm. when, and ntpos q po byaran ung the rest of this year, so nafully paid q po, then when papatransfer q n po me title went po aq at BIR aq din po nagbyad of the tax, the case with penalty n dw po, I know that nagrurunning n pla penalty q nung yet, the know q po kc after papanotarized the deed of sale kc nafully paid I nanitong. August, I do that panotarized. It is b lga in to effect the penalty. Thanks hi good day po.

M’ — Sir

purchased po I I of land. nasakin that also are the deeds of sale and paid I also have all the much pay. then the last steps are is go that we of the register of deeds for the last step. but according to them po need po they you original tittle of the lands we purchased. then go we to the seller to get the old tittle but says it is waiting just to be realease. need is that when that full paid the npo we all. need is in samkn also is it the old tittle.thank u po. With the seller is my land, portion lng po inherited nya dad nya mind sq meters I for sale, subdivided n help po yung land on going pa lng yung process for mapalipat them, with talk n we also magdadown I’m done I balance payable for four months, I talked lng po what is in the barangay. I intend do a full payment n magpapagawa I am of the absolute deed of sale, what is so the process for mapatituluhan I’m kaperasong land n sold I, says kc of the seller pagnarecieve n they the tittle after two years still raw before I maprocess yun, right is yun. Add I is also true is that the absolute deed of sale is with the expiration. Thank you po. With ask please, I’m about the buy of land with the seller is because we of land sqm but I the seller is not yet in her air tilte»title of land»never was released fully paid yet dun its owner of the land and do not want to do nothing but pursue and will be sold may do to others or to us. if so is there a charge that will cash what can be talked or contrata we dun sell. and what must we first do before we paid quite a large amount also it’s not really. thank you very much. Hi Sir Mike, make sure you do first if there is a problem the land such as: cattle mortgaged to the bank. If there is a Title that, go you to the nearest REGISTRY OF DEEDS in you and magrequest a Ceritified True Copy of the land ie. There you will see the Certified True Copy if you’re mortgage (pawn) is the ground. sir, with itatanung just me, with bnebenta po kc together to rent to own house. k the DP done monthly she is for years, but he deed of sale lang daw po the sign it two done two witness done po ipapanotarized po, think nio is legit the hello friends.sir please answer po I would have them Mam Nada, make sure you are first in with the TITLE»land. If not, see you yung TAX DECLARATION he. To him is addressed. ask ko lang po, pano po if bank you to buy cash (forclosed) need to pay immediately in cash before the start of processing.and we will pay all of the gain tax. Hello po buy PO sana I am Of the earth you might say One of daddy case a lot more nasasad divide the land assessment market value is, and my extent is it. Oki lng po me even a lot more po nasasub divide I want lng po to know If how much is it. Hello po, balak ko po kc buy house and land just so are the rights lang po cia, if I just I hope how safe is purchase of rights and what are the document the open for be sure that my name be itatitle you land. Good day po. Question I just question if what is pong supposed to do and ask for papers if the bibilihing land is the property of umaong mom but sold are of the children. Hopefully they will help me because it is the first land that bibilihin ko