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English Lesson

is the one in the not too napagtutuunan the attention of many of usin our writing My Views on Membership in the Brotherhood or Fraternity Usually negative the remaining impression of the word fraternity.

The Organization Established by the Filipinos

Began to express the relationship of supply the majority of the Filipino expatriate people from the idea they are not only slaves or subject of Spainbut an equal community. with its own characteristic national and aiming to accept as equal citizens Spanish.

History of the National Language (Filipino)

Article XIV, Section three of the First Constitution, Series 'congress will take steps towards cultivating and developing of a Foreign National based on one of the existing native languagesDue to the huge appreciation in the presence of the National Language by President Manuel Luis Quezon, to give him the message in the first meeting of the Assembly of the Philippines in October, recommended the establishment of an Institute of National Language who is the student of dialects in the Philippines to cultivate and develop a Foreign National based on one of them. Due to the request of President Quezon, the Assembly of the Philippines has created a law that identified in calls to Law the Commonwealth Government, Series. It's a law that creates the Institute of National Language and sets out its powers as of duties in a special session, on November. So on January, in accordance with the set of laws, appointed by President Quezon, and Jaime C. de Veyra as the Director of the Institute of National Language (ground floor) Here's the build in the first Institute of National Language as the language representative.

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