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The basis of pagkamamamaayng Release

Your mom is Filipino andWasBorn before chosen the tukey turn of the adults attained the citizenship according to the pagkakapanganak if the parents or one parent is Filipino and born in the Philippines all of ipinanaganl here is recognized as an american citizen even if their parents are foreigners in the United States -the foreign endowed with citizenship by naturalisayon which is obtained by judgment of court or act of congress.

The philippines v. China

The content of the gripes of the standard legal"this as well as the discussion on the characteristics of the landform in the South China SeaBrought of the case on January, a few months after full control of China in the Scarborough shoal. Started the dispute in the territory without release of Japan's ownership of its Islands Spratly and no assigned country replace it that ownership of the archipelago without ratipikahan its the Treaty of San Francisco. But under a treaty in between Japan and the Republic of China (Taiwan), moved to Japan in the ownership of the Archipelago, Spratly to China. Aim of the Philippines to have a ruling stating that the claims in the South China Sea will have to comply with UNCLOS so that brushed aside, the nine dash lines which is the basis of the claim of China to treat the land covered by China here rocky, the land-cut-when-hibas, or submerged banks, and not the island and acknowledge the rights of the Philippines makagana within the exclusive term, economical and meet continental as stated in the UNCLOS without being harassed by China. First discussed by the court, if it shall have jurisdiction in such cases filed by the Philippines. First heard the petition of the Philippines on July, on the initiative of the prosecutor General Florin Hilbay and followed by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Del Rosario. Ignored and thrust them through China the grace period set by the Court so that it shall respond to an action brought the case of the Philippines. But released on December, exactly one week before the given date to December fifteen of the position paper the Ministry Policy of China concerning the jurisdiction of the arbitration on the South China Sea that brought by the Philippines. According to the position paper, there is no hurisdiksiyong the Court because cover its the determining of the sovereignty of the territory. On December, filed in Court of statements the Vietnam identifies its jurisdiction in the case, an explicit outs in the position released of China. Also asked Vietnam to 'consider' the legal rights and interests in its North, and the Paracels and the exclusive term, economical and meet a continental its at the discretion of the merits of the case of the Philippines. Explicitly also own"the nine-dash drawings of China, as the basis of the claims of the South China Sea, and said 'it has no legal basis'. The filing of the statement on Vietnam has not involvement in such a case, but just wanted to know their opinion because it is possible to affect the claims its may be the decision of the Court, a step to prevent direct kumprontahin China.

As expected, disputed by China was the revelation of Vietnam and called the claims of Vietnam 'illegal and without basis', and repeated that '(h)indi ever tatanggpin of China such claims.

More time, encouraged the spokesman of the Ministry Policy of China Hong Lei, 'identify of Vietnam's sovereignty and its right to the maritime and resolve with China the dispute related to Nansha based on the respect of facts historical and global law to jointly maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea. Yield in turn by Charles Jose, spokesman of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, '(t)inuturing we that excess that will help the become statements of Vietnam. Just confirming its jurisdiction the tribunal and stable the case of the Philippines' Not opened to the public the hearings of the court but allowed its observe, the representatives of the governments of Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. Rejected in turn by the Court at the request of the United States to observe, in the case, in this respect it is not party to the Convention. After determine of this Court shall have jurisdiction to certain concerns raised by the Philippines, set by the Court the hearing of the merits of the case from November twenty-four to November.

The national artist of the Philippines

is a title given to Filipinos who have achieved the highest introduction due to the significant contribution to the prosperity of the arts Project: Music, Dance, Theater, Fashion and Architecture, and Art Pangkapanalig. Then, gave them the Order of National artist by regalyang gold collar of honor which consists of many decor. In addition to the collar, gave each new naproklama of praise as offerings at the ceremony of awards The Cultural Center of the The philippines is nagpupunong-busy course at a Night of Tribute for the National artist at the Theatre NationalThe Awards of National artists is presided over by the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) from the generosity of the Main Presidential Nos. on April, and the National Commission on Arts and Culture (NCCA) The Government of the Republic of the Philippines is the providing of grants to eligible individuals that are recommended by the CCP and NCCA. The first award was given to Fernando Amorsolo, a famous Filipino painter after his death The nomination concerning the National artist of the Philippines is contingent on the comprehensive standards outlined by the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the National Commission on Arts and Culture: The nomination will be forwarded to the Secretary of the National artist that created the Board of Awards National artist of the experts from different fields of art will sit in the First any particular to prepare the short list of nominees. The Second any particular, which assembled together the Commissioner of the NCCA and the Board of Trustees of the CCP, decides on the most recent narekomenda. The note is to be presented to the President of the Philippines, who, by Commandment Presidential, stating the most recent nominee as a member of the Order of National artist.

important points from the West PH Sea ruling

MANILA - the name celani the Filipinos became the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in favor of the Philippines on the issue in the West Philippine SeaHere are some important points from the decision of the PCA and its implications, from the analysis of the experts: According to Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, referring to the West Philippine Sea in the pacific in the jurisdiction of the Philippines. Including said it the territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf of the Philippines. Light of Carpio, not claimed by the Philippines around the South China Sea and filed just of the country in the international courts the maritime rights its in the West Philippine Sea. Used he says the West Philippine Sea the regard to the disputed territory of the Philippines and China. The South China Sea also should be used when regarding the dispute of China and other countries in South-East Asia. Perhaps one pinakaipinagbunyi of the Filipino is the part of the decision, saying there is no basis in the historical claim of China in the South China Sea. This is due to the nine-dash line, or the waters inside of the lines marked in an old map of China, based on the most claimed to own part of the sea. Ie, no right to China to claim the disputed part of the South China Sea due to giit its 'nine-dash line. Maritime rights and not sovereignty the dinesisyunan of the tribunal. Explanation by Justice Carpio, including in the maritime rights the rights to natural resources in the West Philippine Sea. Specifically his requested of the Philippines to the tribunal that uphold the rights of the Pinoy that benefit natural resources in the EEZ claimed of China in the West Philippine Sea. If you would like alleged to the Philippines to assert sovereignty over a territory in the West Philippine Sea, not in PCA, but to the International Court of Justice should it escalate. Clearly as part of the EEZ of the Philippines the Mischief Reef, Second Thomas Shoal (Ayungin Shoal), and Reed Bank (Recto Bank). It was after the tribunal that low-tide elevations only within the two hundred nautical miles of ocean from the coast of the Philippines. Ie, exclusive entitled the Philippines is in natural resources in this part of the sea. Despite this, still believe Chito Sta Romana, former chief of the ABC News Beijing Bureau, success is still part of the decision. Asserted by China in the island and has its own EEZ around the few reefs in the West Philippine Sea. But the says of arbitration, stone only Among the bahurang this is the Gaven Reef, McKennan Reef, Johnson Reef, Cuarteron Reef, and Fiery Cross Reef. Explanation of Eman Kraft, associate professor of political science in UP, one can change this decision is the idea of free passage to such parts of the ocean. Says Kraft, if said islands the bahurang mentioned and has its own EEZ, not merely makakapaglayag independently the vessel there.