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Service Now: Name of the Philippines, should be to replace

Have the circumstances necessary to replace a man his name

Republic of the Philippines would make the Republic of the NobilityBeen chat recently changing the name of our motherland after it quoted President Rodrigo Duterte in his speech. Go back you The real history of aristocratic empire.

For example, I have acquaintances that his name was Candelario.

Without grew up here and after almost twenty-four years to the temple with him, because then the meaning of his name is something that holds candles or kandelera, decided he enlist to replace in the courts his name.

I'm, willing I replace the name of the Philippines

Also have I been named in a famous people in WW as was General Rommel of Nazi Germany.

Becomes the object of temptation a person with this name here in Europe because his name spade is inspired by a Nazi General. So, if becoming this is true to a person, how much more so in a country like the Philippines. Nobility or what, we should therefore be studied and discussed. Because many that I have seen people in Socmed the joking pronunciation of the the name of our country.

Like Philip-dick, Philip pains, etc.

very disrespectful for us the Filipino people. With point turn Uu many problems the country. But true also is that ipapangalan just us or the whole race has nothing to a king. That's even in the own country, he is not just inspiring galalas. Even pulpul.

The philippines, warned the purchase of weapons to blacklisted companies

Threatening a security expert that possible subject to the sanctions of America to the Philippines

That is if to be continued by the Department of Defense the purchase of weapons with a blacklisted Russian firm. To Flag you, Vivienne Gulla.