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Just have the little archipelago or island

In the very first days of the world, no named country of the PhilippinesAnd when not still with the Philippines in the world there lived here a bardugala or ogre. With him live his three daughters who were Minda, Lus and Visayan. A day necessary leave of father ogre to hunt animals or hunt in another part of the island.

The cave of giants are in the midst of the Pacific ocean

Requirements stay the three female siblings so pinagbilin he three: 'Do I have to leave our cave'. The instruction of the father, 'just Stay you on the inside because there is risk and danger in outdoor.

Watch out for you I'm just inside a cave'.

Without stuck that the father giant, fashion and nagimis of the cave the brothers and sisters.

Lininis they good for please their daddy.

But they do not assistant in the making is Minda, because it's not listening and obedient to the father.

They discovered that the left shovel of the burrow is Minda and naglakwatsa in with the sea.

Not even said good-bye to the brothers and sisters. Comfort comfort is Mindang playing along nagtilamsikan in the sea. Nagpasyal-jaunt she and he had not noticed that far that he was on the coast and the shore of the sea. While he was walking, a massive wave that is relatively awkward to eat with Minda. Crying he while blown by the massive wave in the middle sea. 'Help me.' Cry of Minda. Heard nina Luz and Are the cry of Minda, because it reaches the cry inside the cave. Stopped making the two.

'Why, Minda asks for help.' says Luz that nanlalaki the eyes in surprise.

'Certainly, come accelerate us.' says Are 'Why so, what is yun.'Dalian that they run in the coastal sea. Think here, lingon there. They saw inhale water the brother. 'By or, in far' cry at the same time teachings of Luz'No you swim is Minda ah' says no, run to turn two. At the same time cries of Lus. Instantaneous they went down to Minda, deep shovel there. It took they their hands over their brethren, as they were stretched by the giant wave. Sideways-paling, kick, reach of the hands, crying, shouting and there is no stopping beck. Unfortunately the three lady of the ogre is no longer there. When the giant wonder was why no come up to him.

Previously used nakasigaw to the delight of the three the other child if come alive.

None of the three in the cave's one is not there. 'Where so went hija my daughter.' He asked himself 'Where did you and Luz, Minda, and Melody.'There is no answer. View dates around, nothing there. She went to some nearby island of shadows nothing. 'Maybe so there went people and induced them picked up.' said the giant to himself. Suddenly surge again and kumulog of malakaa. Always the father and he thought that cows had drowned three. Moved so far away and not mess up the giants. He saw the residue of some piece of clothing of the children hanging in the stone. For continually she saw the three hand raised and asking for help. He remembered suddenly that he's not allowed to take them. Jump in the sea the giant, to mind only the way he is the image of three hands raised, he lost strength. 'Children, what else. None of that' Pile the breath of the father. Stand, sit, look away. One by one, looked in every little stone and wood in the far difference. And tired and sweat, rested on a rock and not couldn't sleep. Long slumber the name of the poor giant. Without wake up the giant, pinunas the eyes, there she saw nothing there previously. Stand up suddenly and looked good. 'What is it Whence the three meetings.

They so the three of them.' Power of the self, increasingly grow sad feelings of father orphan.

'The three meeting them. sina Luz, Minda and many it.' says he aloud. And from henceforth called the Luzon, Visayan and Sea the three islands. Here came the country of the Philippines. In the south of Asia It is part of the Philippines in the southern part of Asia. Gold Lesson Moral: Doing my duty to the brethren. Listen to older and parents. It need to flourish in the country of Philippines. The History the study of events in the past period and how it affects people in the present. Saying 'History repeats itself'. So why it is important to study the history or history. Because we have learned the former attitude of the people that will help understand mistakes and the world we.

Execution Pinoy in Malaysia related cases of murder, deferred

Deferred Malaysia the execution of a Filipino there who are judged guilty in this case murder, according to the Department of Foreign AffairsSet would hang on Friday is Ejah Bin Jafaar, but convinced of the embassy of the Philippines Sabah Governor Tun Datuk Seri Fifth Haji Juhar Haji Mahiruddin improvised first stop the penalties, according to Charles Jose, the ambassador of the Philippines to Malaysia. Scheduled to hold a meeting the Sabah Pardons Board in December to decided if down the sentence to Jafaar in lifetime imprisonment or if continue does the execution. According to Joseph, again and again appealing the embassy of the Philippines in the case beginning in Thanked in turn the DFA to have been the decision of the country now.