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Lawyer, will hold the behind of the killing

United experienced human rights lawyer and the Commission on Human Rights will hold the allegedly responsible in the killing Flashing PatrolHenry Omaga-Diaz TV Patrol. Wounded a soldier at the battle of the military and New People's Army in the town of Igbaras. Iloilo this Saturday morning.

The Philippines under Martial Law

Yes’t many he produced in his Twenty-one year tenure

There are still many wonders and questions the wraps on the proclaiming of Martial Law by former President Ferdinand Marcos

Let's go investigate we what ever happened to the Philippines under Martial Law.

The st of September - declaration of Mark the Proclamation No. But isinapubliko it and watched the proclaiming two days after this conclude. After issued the proclamation, immediately arrested the competitor's Ferdie in politics, and rebellions. Leased the stations of the television, radio and printing press of the newspaper. Hinigpit the security and imposes a curfew in the whole archipelago.

Declare Martial Law due to the assassination plot against to former Defense Secretary - Minister and now Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the increment of the forces of the communist group and the ongoing turmoil caused by the demonstrations against the government and the blasting in the Plaza Miranda.

Aspiration of Martial Law to ‘rescue’ the republic from the evil elements and build a ‘New Society’. The purpose of rescue the republic from the evil elements similar to the communists by declaring Martial Law. Instead weaken and lose the communist, stronger and multiply their members, kindled them against the Marcos regime. More intensify the the war between government and communist so many innocent died in the clash of the two.

Have lost hope the Filipino victims of Martial Law to rise

Even ordinary people are falsely accused so the rest of them were harmed, killed and humiliated in front of citizens fear and quickly believe in our government. The desire of Mark to change the society through Martial Law. Changed he the society because of fears that the Filipino in him. Changed greatly of the circumstances and hygienic - lose the garbage on the road and the area around the home has become clean and retained clean of people well. Reduced the pasugalang prohibited especially in the main city of Manila. There was peace and silence in the place of the school previously was with troubled and violence. Within the program of reforms of the government on the word “PLEDGES” that stands for: P-eace and Order (Peace and Order) Land Reform (Land Reform) Economic Development (Prosperity in the Economy)D development of moral valuesGovernment Reforms (Changes in Government) Educational Reforms (Changes in the System of Education) Social Services (Social Services). Considered nice program but the reform promised is up on paper only. If there are any changes and only happened in the early years of the New Society. His ‘New Society’ is wrapped in apprehension and fear due to a mandate he just, must adhere and believe all or put them to death. Brings he new Philippines that is full of violence and massacre. There is the San Juanico Bridge, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Lung Center and Heart Center, the program, Green Revolution, Land reform, North Luzon and South Luzon Expressway and others. Some say, cheaper goods then than the before and after of Mark but they did not know that binabantaan of the government to carry to keep to the low price of the goods to be more effective the “New Society”. But in others he projects is of utmost the release of money from the public coffers to give to his friends and relatives. Been controlled by his family the economy so when she deposed, they did fell heavily to the economy of the country. There have been major changes in the government from without proclaim Martial Law. The Kongresyo that he makes and outlines the law is abolished. Void of a duty senator and representative Under Military Law, there was the President of the power legislative. Make him the third Presidential (presidential decree), Command General (General Order) and the Letter Implementation (Letter of Instruction). They would administer the Government and all the civilian power. The third Presidential has validity and strength like laws that playing of the former Congress. Immediately ipinabuwag the Constitution of and immediately make Established Constitutional that he will make a new constitution. Some of the delegates to the convention were former President Carlos P. Garcia and Diosdado Macapagal, some members are from the public sector and the roman Catholic church. So without naiharap and passed to Mark the constitution, has thanked the government. After maipasailalim in the new constitution the country, have become two of the duty Mark, the President and the Prime Minister, the Congress was replaced by the Batasang Pambansa. Under Martial Law, the Philippines will be for sure riding on a roller coaster, because in the chaotic system of government and society. Many innocent died because of the false allegations and our proud armed forces has become death machines of Mark against the competitor he is. His said in his inauguration in, the project he helped in the crowd was spotted with that blemish because of his proclaiming of the Proclamation No. He delivered the Philippines in the hundred smash the economy, half the perspective of the entire population and war due to different beliefs. But in a straight way, every one should believe that there is still hope, because we are also the engraving of the beautiful and new open. We also deliver to ourselves in the tranquil country, towards prosperity. Do we waste the time and straighten us the error, change the system and consolidate the desire to new the Philippines.