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The right of a tenant of the land

Sana po help nyo po kame in ameng questions

Kame po is the son of the tenant of the land that farm of my father who is deceased over two decades. is not well so the naninigil in the amen of the tax is the nephew of ohio. Kame po is paying tax correctly Last day is called kame of the landlord according to MARO and saying they will take our farm because I a sister it is said that they are retired and want to cultivate

But eventually the po they said the true that do they the subdivision of the land.

Like are they necessary to move in other places that you don farm I land these phantoms they are not nice places and poor irrigation.

My question is what is the right ball as a tenant. It is necessary refused to offer them And what is should according to do I told necessary if di kame abide for money daw po kame.