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The Organization Established by the Filipinos

Began to express the relationship of supply the majority of the Filipino expatriate people from the idea they are not only slaves or subject of Spainbut an equal community. with its own characteristic national and aiming to accept as equal citizens Spanish.

Establishing The Philippines

For Real Change, We vote for Duterte. Like the United States, very good indeed if the two parties just our choicein such a way, becoming united the votes and not let us astray in the selection of worthy to lead our country. More beautiful then in turn that saspagkat be solid we Should just unite and have determination every filipino sas registration in Comelec. Let us always remember that the turning head and the government of our country is dependent on us also hands as a citizen. So I ipagsawalang take care of the registration - validate act.dash in the COMELEC.then we paghusayan the choice to uupong staff of our government.Erection that in the Philippines.