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The Congress of the Philippines is a major manufacturers of law of the PhilippinesIt bikameral body consisting of the high council, the Senate, and the lower house, the House of Representatives. Consists of twenty-four senators in the Senate, ihinahalal half of it every three years. The senators are elected by each electorate and do not represent any geographical district. Comprising the House of Representatives not later than legislators There are two types of legislators: the district and the sectoral representatives. Represented a district legislature a particular geographical district of the country. Consists of one or more district kongresyunal all of the provinces in the country. With own also the district kongresyunal the few cities, along with other cities with two or more representatives. Represented in turn the sectoral legislator the minority sectors of the population. Gives attention to the minority groups to have a representative in the Congress, in case not properly their representation by district representatives. Also known as deputy party list, represented by the other sector legislators unions workers, a group that promotes the rights, and other association.

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Magniniyog, protested the pv bus for the recovery of the coco levy fund

QUEZON CITY - Rush toTheOffices of the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA) in Quezon City the anonymous magniniyog from different provinces to kalampagin the leadership of such agencies concerning the handling the coco levy fund Made group to rally following the plan of the PCA that it will hold in the billion-peso fund instead of a trust fund or group of farmers Want a bunch of magniniyog to return to them the funds that otherwise cash is various social benefits.