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Since the Ground in the Philippines by Elyza Punzalan on Prezi

The Mount Apo is a mountain in Davao in the Philippines

The cliff, sometimes also called the table is the flatness on top of a mountain or any location of land that is higher than any body of ocean or watersThe Mount Apo is the is the highest mountain in the Philippines at the height of, meters. Quezon National Park. Can be peninsula the prime land (headland), cape (cape), meeting promontoryo, the land out of the sea, point, or spit. Here also the valley of La Trinidad in Benguet known for their beautiful and fresh vegetables and fruits.

The mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre starts in the northern province of Cagayan and ends in the southern Quezon and east of Laguna de Bay.

The Cagayan valley the largest valley of the country

The flatness of the three regions in Central Luzon, the so-called 'Ark of the Rice of the Philippines' because it is the most large part that sources we of the rice grain, chock wood, fruit, vegetables and all plants that can be implant, harness, and use of people in everyone of their livelihood. It is the products available in the archipelago, which helps in the development of the economy and provides contribution to people livelihood. In geography, a deserted, desert, wilderness, ritty's parents is a form of landscape or region that receives little precipitation. In general, it means the some as the place that accepts standard precipitation that is at least mm (inches).

Meanwhile the most long also will the mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre that comes from the south of the province of Cagayan that extends in the province of Nueva Viscaya and Isabela in Region II up to the province of Quezon in Region III.

Circular its shape and overgrown green grass during the rainy season and in summer becomes a chocolate color. In the Philippines, the sea and the plains of Central Luzon such as Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga and Bulacan.

Many products have got here such as grain, corn, sugar cane, sweet potato and other vegetables.

On the plains of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon with expansive fields of coconut, coffee, pineapple, oranges, corn and grain. Significantly contributes to its citizens and the prosperity of the country, the Philippines, because here is located some unique animals, plants, and flowers we. Divided the Philippines into three big islands - LUZON, VISAYAS, and MINDANAO. The maximal Luzon, secondly the group of Mindanao and the smallest is the Visayas. The rest is genomic imprinting lands or lands that may bequeath or distribute such land residential, commercial and land agricultural.