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Analysis Of Y-Chromosome

The analysis of DNA for Y-chromosome DNA Diagnostics Centre is doing to find out if two or more men have a biological relationship to the sides of their father. It is unique in the examination of race in the paternity, which distinguishes the analysis of race in vain-the father haplogroup of the descent you base on your DNA onlyThe analysis of the comparison of the Y-chromosome can be used in authentication of the family relationship when the alleged father of a male is not available for analysis in paternity and other DNA testing of family relations will not be used in the situation. Hereditary a son his Y chromosome from his father, and the chromosome that it will achieve little or no change Due to the fact this, the Y chromosome of the male will be to profile and compare to determine if the individual has a biological relationship to the sides of their father. The men with relationship biological side of their father will show the identical Y-STR profiles, while the men of no relation will show the unique Y-STR profile.

Note: While the analysis of the comparison of the Y-chromosome can make a determination if the male individual is related to the side of the father, it does not determine the type of relationship if they ever had to a father, uncle, grandfather, etc.

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