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California State Controller's Office: the Main Page of the Division of unclaimed property

Currently in the hands of the State of California over Dollars eight billion in unclaimed property belonging to approximately. Achieved the State not nababawing property by Unclaimed Property Law (the Law of unclaimed property) of California, who also commanded the “handles” such as corporations, partnerships of business, financial institutions, and insurance companies to annually report and deliver property to the Controller's Office after lost of contact with customers for three yearsUsually forgotten by the owner that there is account, or switch and does not leave a mailing address or has expired that the mailing address. In some instances, the owner dies and the heirs have no knowledge of property The law of unclaimed property is proposed to prevent holders of unclaimed property from using your money and taking they time on their business income. This law gives the State an opportunity to return your money and give the citizens of California a available, the Office of State Controller, for check for unclaimed property that may be reported by the handles on them from across the country. To view if any of this money is belongs to you, search our Database of unclaimed property.