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Attorney general

In many jurisdictions of the common law, the attorney general (in English: the attorney-general) the main legal adviser of the government, and in some jurisdictions is a duty of law enforcement, prosecution or even in general relationships legalBeen practice, that the terms which provide personal legal advice the generally lawyers are varies between jurisdictions, and even between individuals holding office within the same jurisdiction, often based on the level and nature of legal experience of the official. Originally used the term to refer to any person holding a general power of attorney that is representing as a principal in all things. Although you may designate the government of an official as the permanent attorney general, anyone who is going to represent the state in the same way will, then, be called general attorney. But at present often used the term permanent itinilagang attorney general of the state There is the same office the huridiksyong civil law may be cited as the procurator, general protector, public lawyers, and others.

Many of the offices it uses the attorney general or attorney-general as the English translation of the title, although because of different history origin the condition of such offices is usually different from the attorneys-general of the jurisdiction of the common law.