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Rights and Disabilities: A glance at the picture of disability - Philippine Human Rights Information Center

More than sixty years ago when the did not portray the Declaration of Human rights was launched by the United NationsBut when talking about the human rights, what first enters our mind. Otherwise just come into our minds almost one and a half million Filipinos who are weeping also for right and freedom. In recent decades, a fact that we disabled people will have to leave and missed of society, even of those who struggle for the rights of Filipinos.

There are three traditional views about disability that was the root of this condition. The first comes from a model of all staff So here, we persons with disabilities are considered to be inherently weak, helpless and in need of continued assistance.

The second is based in turn on a medical perspective. We people with disabilities were either sick or weakened by illness So according to this perspective, the only requirement we have just the remedy according to medicine or treatment. The third is the perspective according to competence Here, the majority is considered to be he norm, or normal, and we with disabilities are defective, crippled or with lack. According to this perspective, the requirement also we have facilities and activities that makapapanumbalik in our competence, and be like that again in the majority.

Up to now the three traditional perspective that it is he still motivates the government in the planning of programs and services for those with disabilities.

It also became the cause of constantly setting and treating lightly on our disabled, and large contravention of our rights. Be institutional or individual, the discrimination that we are experiencing requires a new philosophy. According to the UNCRPD the existence of various differences (e.g, deaf, blind, people with awtismo, Down’s Syndrome, disability and social interaction, chronic medical conditions, people using crutches or wheelchair, etc.), are a natural part of the variegated weave of humanity. So in the hopes that the world without discrimination and the denial according to disability, all is normal. Because after all, after all we are the same person, but it does not mean that we are equal. The habit and spleen-around that he was the cause of the obstruction and barriers to the full participation of our disabled people will need to change and remove. There are several standards and principles of the UNCRPD that are not found in other agreements of the UN: Even real so many problems that the needy face in the sector we have a disability, absolutely not we withdraw. We continue to claim and champion our natural rights, freedom, and position in society. It is our fervent desire that one day will receive also we as creatures that are part of the give-brightness and wealth to the whole mankind. In the year, the Coalition for the UNCRPD in the Philippines will send that report to the UNCRPD International Committee adaptation in the responses and experiences of Filipinos with disabilities regarding the implementation of the government of the UNCRPD. Up to the present, not yet nakakapagsumite the government of his State Report that delayed that from when.

The Government of the Philippines

“The Philippines is a democratic and republican State It consists of the Supreme Court and the lower court Expressly granted by the Constitution the Supreme Court the power of Judicial Review

or the power to declare as unconstitutional or unconstitutional the global and long-executive agreement.

presidential decree. ordinance or regulations.

Confiscating property, pinalagan of PECO - Philippine Star Today

MANILA, Philippines Filed a petition in the Mandaluyong Regional Trial Court the Panay Electric Company (PECO) to kuwestyunin the made act of Congress that gives power to the opponent own company to “confiscate” all of its properties in pagsusuplay of electricity in the city of Iloilo and neighboring areasAccording to the company, whether the Constitution is violated by the RA finish to allow the Monte Oro Resources Energy (MORE) to take the property of PECO that naipundar its almost hundred years of its pagsusuplay of electricity on the island of Panay. Specifically kinukuwestyon of PECO is the Section ten and Section seventeen of RA provided by the Congress in MORE in a year and approved in turn last month.

Aim also of the petition ordered by the court the Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to stop the implementation of RA while hears the issue. Pointed out yet that even if the Constitution sets out who cannot get a private property without adequate compensation.