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Mutation in the Way of Our Making

To make great products all over the world, required use of the equipment is high quality in the line of makingOne of the tasks of the THK will address this need in the making and will continue to lift the quality of our products to higher level. The equipment makes semiconductor chips, which is what you would call 'brain' of the product related to IT, will both require high precision processing chip and high productivity in the manufacture of the chip. Because very little of the semiconductor chip, should control of the equipment making the motion of the device in order that one, th of a millimeter. To implement the technology secure can do to control this, using the Small LM guide, Miniature Ball Screw and other products of THK. Used of the electronic part mounter that nagma-mount the IC and other electronics on the board that our LM Guide for guiding the tool in the micron order and in units of seconds. On the other hand, also used by industrial robots, conveyance systems and other big machines doing our LM guides in their section of the guidance. Located the technology of THK various range of the field of labor Used in various industries the products of THK. For examples of common usage of other products of THK, click the 'Opportunities according to the industry'.