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With said the Pope John Paul II regarding the new fountain ngbuhay Christians that will happen in the third millennium if it would be open to moves ngEspiritu Ghost we are ChristiansIn pagsasapantaha in the th- taongpagdiriwang on the day of the Lord - the Great Hubilya - called siyatungo to conversion, to renewal through the Gospel, for atinglahat. Pinapanalangin he that the abundant grace of the Lord the pupuno in buongmundo, with the advent of the Great Hubilya, and demanding he prepare us for atinginaasahang infusion of his free love. To help us on our path of conversion atpagbabago, decided to issue every year, from this year, the Catholic Bishops’Conference of the Philippines of a special and full statement pastoral natinatalakay a part of life that the Filipino people according to the views of the CBCP aynangangailangan of change and revival according to the Gospel. From yet noong, began to be a Conference the CBCP itself, concerning isyungpulitikal approximately half of the letters and statements pastoral (see PL). In, provided a long period of time and big space the Second Council Plenary joints (PCP-II) in the last document about a discussion on the role of the Church salarangang political.

Why become a strange’tmabungang action of the Church deal with the subject of politics from the end ngIkalawang Global War and especially from the years of Martial Law and angpagpapanumbalik of democracy in.

There is an important reason: Politics in the Philippines- a was strongly for us as people the procedure of pagsasabuhaynito. This is probably the greatest suffering in our life as a nation atpinakamapanirang obstacle to our achieving of full human growth. The politics is - or should really be -an art of management and service-town. But sadly, in the Philippines, this led to a field that is imposed against the more most weak and maralitaang interests of a few powerful and rich.

It affects pagpapatupadng justice and equal implementation of the law, more inclined as isangpinakamaliwanag truth on the side of those with political influence and connections.

Paid the debt political by putting people kanilangpinagkakautangan to high positions in the government of its elected officials, a blind honesty the are recorded as a most important basis of the selection cycle public official - even with independence according to the Constitution the mgaahensiyang government. Laden our government of the people with a hold on mgamaykapangyarihan, who did nothing but take their wages sakalagitnaan and the end of each month. Therefore early losing of appetite and nanahimikna just the faithful in the worthy designate officers and employees piction motion browser, or so, leaving just forever.

And always turn bullied, or so, ate only of its system the decided to stay even in the middle ngpagkalito.

Let's start with a typical concept of politicians sapampublikong office. And, if we are honest with ourselves, even question natindito 'a typical politician, we must ask rightly angating own if be resembles also in the us the idea and appreciation, mgamotibo and work, which we attributed to him. Despite the not-mapagpuring description and hindimaipagkakailang very dark of the foregoing statements of the dominant characteristics ngating politics, still have bright moments in our life-politics nanagbibigay us a reason to look forward to and motivation to increasingly more magsikapnang united for the renewal of our lives as Christians and mgaPilipino towards the creation of a new state of politics.

Inadmissible of any serious believe in the Diyosna continuing the condition of our national politics that we speak of above.

And in fact, there is a duty for the Christian Catholic for sapagpapanibagong-the form of politics according to the Gospel. The call of God to the Church to preach ngintegral Gospel, the Gospel in all of the social dimension of it.

Should namakaimpluwensiya the The gospel in every phase of life, in every part of society, atupang 'restore all things in Jesus' (Eph.). With the Religious and Moral Part the Politics Magsisimulatayo on general principles. Be aware of each aware that the catholic angsimpleng things that are not invertible fact: There is nothing to do with mgarelihiyoso and moral part of living our Catholic faith. Mayrelihiyoso and moral part of every work of man coming in the normal process ngpag-minded and accord, for can bring it to kabiyayaan or sin. Or, as we say in the beginning, you may hurt it or provide benepisyosa other people, can shape or destroy them. As a human endeavor, with relihiyosoat moral dimension to politics that is not merely deny our pananampalatayangKatoliko.

pictures which came from the united states

It is located in Southeast Asia in west Pacific Ocean

There are many websites where you can see many pictures of the PhilippinesThe Philippines is officially known as the Republic of the Philippines which is the Republic of the Philippines in Filipino.

Vietnam is located to the west across the south China.

To the north of it across the Luzon Strait lies Taiwan

The Sulu Sea to the southwest lies between the country and the island of Borneo, and to the south the Celebes Sea separates it from other islands of Indonesia. Its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire and its tropical climate make the Philippines prone to earthquakes and typhoons but have also endowed the country with natural resources and made it one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the world.

The philippines is an archipelago consisting of more than, hundred islands.

The philippines is divided generally in three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines It has a population of over people and is the th most populous country in the world. Almost million Filipinos living abroad One can find the multiple ethnicities and cultures are found throughout the island. In prehistoric times, Names are some of the earliest French archipelago's.

The law that regulates the ownership of firearms and explosives

But more shocking yet this is besides the kawatan and police, there are a few private individuals the people that use guns to kill, commit suicide or accidentally nakakalabit the trigger

Discussed in the program 'Conversation De Campanilla' of DZMM a law aimed at regulahin the ownership of guns in the country.

Recently I was charged with was Sour, Sarangani Mayor Aniceto Lopez Jr. of violation of the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act as found by the authorities in the house its the grenade, guns and ammunition. 'The penalties that the manufacture, distribution or possession (of the gun) is the lifelong incarceration, yield Hold the Party-list Rep. Besides the gun, also prohibits the ammunition or ammunition, explosives or explosive materials, and incendiary or weapons that the source of the fire. 'Perilous mahulihan you're basically not licensed petard Very high are the penalties there, ani Roque. Not explicitly covered by the law the business has a license from the government to make firearms, as the industry of gun manufacturing in Danao, Cebu. Complained of Roque that although heavy penalties, many still continue to owns of loose firearms or guns that are not registered. So called also jesus Roque on the Philippine National Police (PNP) to better expand the granting of the license to own a gun. It makes the evil, not necessarily the register, the righteousness of Mare Yao, host of 'Conversations De Campanilla. Explanation yet of Roque, the more easily bind to the incidents of the hunt if registered owners. By ballistics, the science has nothing to do with the gun, the more easy to determine what guns the source of the locusts found in the scene of the crime.

'At least, track we, you know now the advancement to find out what gun was used, the yield Roque.

There are different permits issued the Firearms and Explosives Division of the PNP in the wish to possess and carry a gun in public places. Required a license before owning a gun and a 'permit to carry' to carry the gun in public places. But should not release the guns to the public and hidden only in protective case.

Some foreign nationals, chose to retire in the Philippines

neither therefore accommodate the majority

if here in the Philippines want foreigners here to settle where it will livegood yet un japanese strained pinababango that the image of the united states in other bansam that the media, politicians say it it destroys the image we have, one that is leni and ships. Retirement Authority) during the time of Marcos and during the time of laboratory thermometers furnished and plus they the benefits and the exemption of the foreigner to retire here, heard tell that's how I list them from - volume of SRRV enrollment, so it's more just you know that that is not is ABNORMAL AQUINO made nyan. benefit just that one other President who has the Original with the work. how do I worship them and because of that never they are not experienced in the country they. and that indeed others are abusing the kindness of pinoy, eventually with horns that they isinusuwag said. And the land we they the buyer of ekta -acres. ie should the ban on them. Because we are pinoy the losing of the own land. then chooses yan in the united states because in them the old, they see relative they placed them.

cartaker, yet begun that program ie (Phil

do not want to take care of so here ie. have you ever seen that a child who chose the united states. Susan Almarez not sis. even if you have much money they have, not still they can buy a lot of land. limited to just the what they buy. that the law, even with the filipina they wife. Unless the wife they ipapangalan all of lupai they have here. it appears that more entitled"the filipina on they own. I watched that on t. v about the rules lot of money they from their retire so they can buy the land here in the united states, taiwan has law they not can buy the land of the native anyone. What are sir They do not release buy ekta-acres.

Even get wife they of filipina, filipina still makapangalan what they bought Maya lumapabas to BE's with karaatan still the song they purchased.

that the law of the drama.

mali po ata being comprehension you sir, what are concentrated foreigner to buy land property, pede po when wife was filipina or pinoy.

what are the achievements of corazon aquino in the philippines

He became isnpirasyun of womenIn

Idiya that the woman may rule and have the ability to make things that I thought that most are not worthy