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Dumepensa the Makati police after the arrest they have three lawyers in a bar raid

Dumepensa the police in their interviews

According to the police of the city of Makati, arrested the three lawyers because their just so easily entering the inside of the bar premises - According also to the IBP, the case brought in the three lawyers are covering their pagdedetain in three said in turn of CHR that can be precedent for it, but it of other law enforcement Stresses of police of Makati in place in turn is said to detain them in three lawyers launching of entering them over a period of Time, a bar in Makati's-raid of such policeAn address given by police to the right decision that they shut up and the going of the complaints were Atty. Lenie Rocel Elmido Rocha, and Atty. Romulo Bustamante Alarkon, who allegedly entered without permission. Guillermo Eleazar, suddenly just as the insertion of three in the police line even forbade that of the police.

According to Metro Manila Police director Chief

Also told Eleazar the alleged distraction of the lawyers at the crime scene can be hurt in the ongoing investigation of the police. On the other hand, said also of Commission on Human Rights (CHR) that they be made about the separate investigation in such circumstances. Said CHR designated spokespersons Jacqueline de Guia of the interview.

Original The Judicial (The Philippines)

Section Section The Congress shall have power genetic, set, and apportioned the jurisdiction of the various courts but may not strip the Supreme Court of jurisdiction in matters iniisaisa in Section seven herein. Section Must enjoy pasasarili to finance the CourtThe allocation for the Court could not reduce by the legislature for less than the amount allocated for the previous year and, after confirm, must be issued automatically and regularly. Section The Supreme Court shall consist of a Chief Justice and fourteen associate Justice. It can decide en-banc or in the direction thereof, the division consists of three, five, or seven councillors. Any vacancy must fill inside of ninety days beginning with the middle thereof. Section The Supreme Court is should contain superbisyong administrative in all courts and its personnel. Section must Not be appointed Member of the Supreme Court or any lesser court kolehiyado the who magn person matangi if he is native born citizens of the Philippines. A Member of the Supreme Court has required forty years old, and having over fifteen years or more has been a judge of a lower court or who practice as lawyers in the Philippines. Section hereby Created a Judicial and Bar Council in the administration of the Supreme Court consisting of the Chief Justice as the Chairman ex-officio, of the Minister of Justice and the representative of the Congress as member ex-officio, a representative of the integrated bar, a professor of law, a retired member of the Supreme Court and a representative of the private sector. Section Should appointed by the President the Member of the Supreme Court and judges of the lower court from a list of three nominee only ever prepared by a Judicial and Bar Council for every vacancy. Not required the confirmation of such appointments Section. The salary of the Chief Justice and the associate Justice of the Supreme Court, and judges of the lower court should be set by law. Should not reduce their salaries during their tenure Section. Must fill the members of the Supreme Court and the judges of the lower court while cute their behaviour until suffer they the age of seventy years or lose the ability to perform the duties of their office.

Should contain the the Supreme Court en banc the power to discipline judges of lower court, or require their excommunication by votes of the majority and of another Fellow who actually have participated in any particular of the issue of the matters and vote there. Section The members of the Supreme Court and of other courts established by law shall not be assigned to any office that performs the task semi-judicial or administrative. Section The decisions of the Supreme Court to any matters that are presented here to decide en banc or in division shall be generated in the process of counseling before assign a case to a Justice to write the opinion of the Court.

Must issue a certification about it that is signed by the Chief Magistrate and a copy thereof shall attach to the record of the issue and be delivered to the sides. Any Magistrate that they have participated or the contrary, or non-participate in a decision or resolution is required to present the gma principle that is its basis. This also needs the must follow all of the lesser court of kolehiyado. Section Should not ordain any decision any court without being present there clearly and not be mistaken for the circumstances and the law underlying it. Section all matters or things that are filed from the validity of the drag racing circuit it is necessary is required to decide or resolve within twenty-four months from the date of pagkakadulog time for the Supreme Court, and, matangi if shorten of the Supreme Court, twelve months for all lower court kolehiyado, and eggplant months for all other lower court. Section The Supreme Court, within thirty days from the opening of each regular session of Congress, aya must submit to the President and to Congress of the annual report of the pamalakad and activities of the Court.

South Korea, concerned with the crime in Korean in the Philippines

In the country now aTeamFrom South Korea was required to investigate the ongoing crimes in the country that Korean victims.

The Japanese occupation in the Philippines

The Conquest of the Japanese was the period in the History of the Philippines from to, during world War Ii, when invaded by the Empire of Japan and the Philippines former tinatabanan or under the authority of the United StatesDuring the Second world War, was bombed by troops of the Japanese soldier in the Philippines on December. It occurred a day after the bombing attacks against the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the United States. After a few weeks, withdrew at General Douglas MacArthur with the government of Manuel L. Quezon who was then the incumbent as President of the Philippines. By the time forces of the Japanese on April. The prisoners of war are required to walk the Japanese (the so-called March of Death) goes to a concentration camp in Capas in the province of Tarlac. After the fall of Bataan in the hands of the Japanese, went to MacArthur in Australia.

Replaced him on Corregidor, General Jonathan Wainwright, to resume the fighting, until forced to surrender the Filipino and American after twenty-seven days.

Lasted for three years the conquest or occupation of the Japanese in the Philippines.

Founder secretary of a government figurehead only they, who serves as president Jose P. Laurel In October, began the war of liberation in the Philippines from the Japanese when landed the forces of Douglas MacArthur on the island of Leyte.

Naproklama as the new president of the Philippines was Sergio Osmeña at the death of Manuel Quezon. Strong nabomba of the soldiers of the United States Manila in February. Master of American forces military of General Homma in the Mountain Province (Mountain Province), compelled to give up when they fail to they attempt to escape.

How to get tukey - Education in Europe

Resorts, located in the south-east Asia, leave a memorable impression on coming here on vacation, Especially noticeable cities on the coast of the Philippines, hospitable hosts, ready to provide guests with a stay in fullDo later because of the time and increases the number of queries on the topic: 'How to get citizenship of the Philippines'. The answer is simple: you should be familiar with the legal framework of the Asian state, select one of the mechanisms, most likely, this Naturalization. In this article let us, first, to the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, other normative legal acts, governing the acceptance of tukey, restoration, loss. The main law of the republic once it is the Constitution, adopted in October years, ratified in February next year. From the moment of adoption is considered valid, in many documents mentioned, as 'the Constitution year. Related citizenship discussed in chapter IV of the Constitution the article one defines categories of persons, citizens of the Republic of the Philippines.

understandably, that lists the following people present: people, who themselves or their parents are citizens of the state children, born on seventeen January Year-by mom Filipino, condition, declare that this coming of age all of the foreigners, the nationality law (in accordance with paragraph four of article).

The last point is subject to the conditions and requirements gives hope to all of the modern immigrants to get the coveted passport.

According to the Constitution of Year to date, the following ways of acquisition of citizenship: the original naturalization process. In this regard, the Philippines is different from practice in many countries, providing citizenship by birth on the territory of the country. moreover, the young are in this state, his parents must have citizenship Philippine.

To get a passport of the South Asian States through naturalization must comply with a number of conditions: permanent residence in the Philippines for ten years or more demonstration of the economy availability of permanent housing knowledge of the language to communicate knowledge about the history and cultural traditions, customs compliance in the country's constitution, respect the law.

As seen from this list, the demands are feasible, they are not the most stringent in the world, but not the softest, the state is trying to protect itself from the invasion of immigrants from Third World countries, as fears of deteriorating economic and political situation. Local lawyers claim, that under the provisions of failures are rare, so-called quotas for different nationalities - to fifty per year. so, if the strangers are rarely encountered nationality, his chances grew. This is done, no bias in one direction, to maintain a relatively multinational state. A more simple way to be naturalized in this country were a marriage, often prefer the method of the older boys retired, choosing young, pretty Filipinas. Citizenship wife is do you only accept, but only after five years For people from Western Europe and the United States in this way is the best, because their pension allows you to build a house, buy land and live quite comfortably. Girls, wanting to marry a Filipino, even for the sake of obtaining citizenship, much less. The law of the Philippines prescribed, and other ways to get citizenship, it is well known, used throughout the world.

The first way is involves, that the person is recognized of the skills in this or that branch of art, science, culture, economics, and it is interested in the state.

The second method - business investment, willingness to invest (a lot) the Philippines economy. As in the practice of many countries in the world, the law on citizenship in the Philippines with provisions, about the loss of nationality.

There are two ways of parting with Philippine passport: voluntary incidentally.

According to the first paragraph, citizens of the state by letter and draws the refusal of citizenship Philippine, It provides documents, confirming the acceptance of a new nationality, it offers a passport. This can be done in other countries, contact the Consulate or Embassy In general, involuntary loss of nationality of the Philippines is also associated with taking a civil passports of the new country of residence.

Attorney general

In many jurisdictions of the common law, the attorney general (in English: the attorney-general) the main legal adviser of the government, and in some jurisdictions is a duty of law enforcement, prosecution or even in general relationships legalBeen practice, that the terms which provide personal legal advice the generally lawyers are varies between jurisdictions, and even between individuals holding office within the same jurisdiction, often based on the level and nature of legal experience of the official. Originally used the term to refer to any person holding a general power of attorney that is representing as a principal in all things. Although you may designate the government of an official as the permanent attorney general, anyone who is going to represent the state in the same way will, then, be called general attorney. But at present often used the term permanent itinilagang attorney general of the state There is the same office the huridiksyong civil law may be cited as the procurator, general protector, public lawyers, and others.

Many of the offices it uses the attorney general or attorney-general as the English translation of the title, although because of different history origin the condition of such offices is usually different from the attorneys-general of the jurisdiction of the common law.

At the start of the cleaning in the vicinity of Manila Bay

At the start of the cleaning in the vicinity of Manila Bay

different - modern equipment used by the government in adjusting it

Death Penalty: Solution No Effect

If the opinion you in turn will ta

This article contains my views, opinions, and opinion regarding the controversial Death Penalty LawI wrote this for tudor III. Respect me please, my opinion. One of the controversial issues that are sometimes discussed and argued the interference"is the death penalty. According to Republic Act No, the death penalty is the penalty to be imposed to make the depression and world war ii crimes nakahahapis, repugnant, terrible, and hateful.

Some examples of crimes that can lead in kaparusan of death is parricide, murder, qualified bribery, piracy, kidnapping, robbery, rape, and drug pushing.

Many may want to implement the law because it allegedly prevent the increase of the level of crime. There is a saying in turn what given government accommodation and food the criminals that do wrong to their fellow man. The arguments others are the greater the cost to the government if confined a lifetime in a person than if finishes just the life of it. Many as a significant reason why we should not support the death penalty. First of all, we cannot say would reduce the death penalty the level of crime. No research nakapagpatunay here. In fact, the United States that there is Death Penalty Law in some they state is with higher levels of crime than in Britain and Australia that no such penalty. You also do not also to say that more people violate the law in the state of the United States that have no death penalty so high the level of crime in their country. According to the research, beginning in until today, the US state with the death penalty is always a higher level of crime than in the state do not employ the death penalty. Secondly, if money just as well and shortfall in the budget of the government is concerned, better still to not have the death penalty. True about the they say the greater the malulustay if kept alive the criminals that commit a violent crime than the price of lethal injection.

But that's not the basis of the amount disbursed to the death penalty.

The price of lethal injection is part of monster does for a criminal put on death row.

Of course the expert doctor the magtutorok of lethal injection in the levy of the death penalty.

Include you still here the price of the more strict prison which confined those on death row. They also read of the mass many and more eksperyensadong guard. Longer to give time for appeals by the defendant. More and more long, also the hearing held to determine if there should really be subject to the penalty of death a criminal. In these hearings, the more lawyers needed because of the super senstitibo of the case hears and pinagdedesisyunan. Typically, two of the lawyers on each side. No problem to the rich but when difficult the client, the government pays the lawyer handling the case. And if there is justice really in this country, worthy just nice and trained well the lawyer handling the case of a difficult defendant especially if rich the other side that nagdiriin to the suspect. Another problem is the typical brazilian main course because of it. “JusTIIS” system we have here in the Philippines, If without money a person, even tell you more innocent he is, the less likely pointed out he had a case. No one is trapped in the stolen millions or billions in the pockets of the community, while it grasps the bag in the mall and pickpocket cellphone is nadun in prison. The penalty it is said I that “anti-poor” in this respect can afford to buy justice here in our country. And because the more heavy the penalty, those with money are increasingly drawn buy the justice for escape in death. Can also be used of the wealthy with anger, a person who is ordinary or difficult. Released just this year that there is serious sin that made his kahidwaan, use of money, and be punished his enemies by death of not circular functions of blood his hands. If the clash in the case are rich and poor, there is no doubt that the mapapatwan of the penalty of death is difficult.

With the leadership of past president imposes the death penalty, not even a famous personality the only able to come up of penalties.

All placed on death row there is a single condition in life.

Sadlak they are in poverty, there are hungry families dependent on them, and thick and tired of life they are not progressive.

My opinion is contrary to their beliefs

One more, if the sintensiyang imposed on the suspect will be a lifetime of confinement and realize that she is undoubtedly, easily was mapakakawalan and matitkman he could again relish the freedom that deserved just that nilalasap him. If a punished of death penalty have been found innocent, nothing will be able to restore the life taken by the government with the lethal injection. The right of each sister to live. No reason the “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” in this case. The death penalty is the he destroys in principle he. Its principle is the taking of the life of the criminal in exchange of the life that broke or he took due to the making of a depression and world war ii that crime. But if a person who has destroyed or taken alive will be killed by the doctor using lethal injection, should there not be a kill also the doctor because took them alive. After all we are equal. Even a criminal yet that, or an innocent man, just the same importance in their lives. Is it not sufficient that fault with a died and need to kill of another sacred life. Th then in English, “two wrongs don't make a right. ” One more, according to the Death Penalty Law, the kind bribery to the official itself the keys of his wants in exchange for “service” in a man is worthy of the death penalty. Funny singer to admit, the reality is more motivated to have the official because it lives the equivalent of their request. They know even how much that is, would try to give that rich guilty of serious that you want another take on the world. That's not really the need of the death penalty in the interim. Guarantee also that not to make of evil a man in the country if he will fix the system in the prison. And another, the death penalty is an “easy way out” of suffering and. Yes, many fear death. So lalala the case of bribery if pass it this law. But many also who prefer to die than be confined in the dungeon. Like the other person choosing to commit suicide just than deal with the temporary problem. How yet so if you always remember your family is left outside of the prison, the responsibilities that you must fulfill, and the freedoms you should enjoy if not you just made a mistake whenever you will see the railing that separates you in free people. And what if this is the experience you daily just that you wake up in the morning.

More severe penalties this diva.

So if revenge is also just the question, the more painful that replacement it this suffering than in the easy death of a arrears to a person close to you. This must be done by the government for decrease the level of crime is the pagbubudget thoroughly in the ark of the town. If more feeding programs, health drives, and if you are increasing the benefits captured by the poor, reduced theft and reduced also the money spend by the government for confined. Should fix the government system of justice away.

It is only right that there is no discrimination in the case and the decision of the courts when it comes to the hard Should not receive bribe the staff of the government and let them dictate of money is the justice in our country.

Another need now is implement properly the legislation that we approved that. Nothing also happens if you implement all over again let the Death Penalty Law. As long as it's not adjustable the justice system in the Philippines, likely with consequences these types of solutions. Can I use your written for our discourse. I assure pong put the name you are as the authors and sources I siteee. Thank you MOSES MOSES by Rogelio SikatShort Scripts for role-playing and recording. Cutted Scenes is not important scene and here that all so important scenes and lines. Hope ya like it.

Protections out of the law for OFW

Celebrated this Thursday the Migrant Workers Day as remembering enacted the Migrant Workers Act of and as a tribute to millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). 'The land-based and sea-based workers Located in other countries is recognized by our country and our laws to their contribution in remittances, ani Atty. Noel del Prado in the program 'Conversation de Campanilla' of DZMM 'Moreover, more importantly the dignity of the Filipino because their service is one to appreciate, extra by del PradoHarvest del Prado, established by RA and the mandate of agencies such as the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) that primarily oversees the welfare of OFW in different countries. Among the services that can be obtained in the offices of the DFA's legal assistance that is open for any problems of the OFW Also included in the adopted of the law of the mandate of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (STAYED), and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (GIVEN) to the respective handles private agencies such as manpower agencies. Extra lawyers, such a law is also based of the Philippines agreed with the government of Kuwait recently for the protection of the OFW in the such Gulf state.

Culture of the Philippines, free pointed to the Fil-Italian children

TORINO, Italy - Promoted by a group of Filipinos in the country the teaching of English language and culture of the Philippines with the young Pinoy who was born in ItalyThe singing of the national anthem of the Philippines or Land Appointed the one to teach the children of some volunteers of the Associazone Culturale Filippine del Piemonte or ACFIL. Presented also of the young the desire to learn to speak English like of determining different types of jobs, Philippine geography, and tourist spots in the Philippines. According to the volunteer teachers Marjorie Dinamling, difficulty, whether the children speak English, understood they had some words. Last six weeks the program Pinoy Torinese or Painter, summer class for kids, along with the twenty-four Pinoy volunteers. Aims of the program to monitor the children while on the job the parents of this and reduce the play on the internet and the computer. At least in the summer this class, they will learn our culture, ” says ACFIL President Rosalie Bajade Cuballes. Taken also of the classes in the children's park where introducing the games Pinoy like greenday and cross-cultural.

the seven types of taxes in the philippines

community tax - known as the membership Tax on Employment or professional tax all of the professional self-employed such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountantsTaxes on property-all of the business purchased, inherited and received as gifts or donations are lower this tax according to the MARKET VALUE of property like houses and land. Income tax-it is a direct tax where the payment is direct makes paying. it is tax that shall profit of taoo companies. the buwios is different according to income Sales tax - general tax levied on the purchased products and services such as Value addede Tax.