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Of the united States Navy Dollars million USD budget for the purchase of a small aircraft carrier from

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Of The United States Navy - Dollar million USD budget for the purchase of a small aircraft carrier from SpainThe awesome, true.Is it true that the Philippine Navy to buy a small aircraft carrier from Spain for Dollars million USD. You also need to consider that the carrier does not really fit into the doctrine of defense of the AFP. The best, the focus of AFP is on the territorial defense and internal security. The Carrier is the power to gun projection, which is intended to bring the fight the enemy thousands of miles away. If the only defense in the Philippines, along with ZEE, requires no skill in projection of its power, because the best of all, the AFP operates to the highest place. We would do well to use the air assets more cost-effective operations from coastal based airports, which are cheaper and can not be less. An example of what happens when you buy an aircraft carrier, but not to hide or save it as a carrier Chakri Naruebet, Thailand. It is a small aircraft carrier, purchased from the ships of Spain for about Dollars million USD. In addition, the operation of the aircraft, the AV-s Matador from production. As a result, the parts are available to maintain the existing aircraft, and consequently closed of the plane. And none that really other aircraft suitable for work from the small carrier. The amount of operation of ships is very high Thanks for watching and listening to the news, drift news in the military in the defense of the channel of the updates, videos description only, hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to like the shares and the subscription.