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Carlos P. Garcia

Swore him as president upon the death of Magsaysay

Carlos Polistico Garcia (November, - fourteen June) was a Filipino teacher, poet, and politician, and the eighth President of the Republic of the Philippines (March, - Dec)Became the second president and members of the cabinet of Ramon Magsaysay Garcia. Known Garcia in his implementation of policy 'Filipino First' ('Filipino First'). Acuña Garcia on four November in the town of Talibon, Bohol. He studied at Silliman in Dumaguete City, and later he also ended the law at the Philippine Law School and admitted to the bar later in. He first entered politics in as affiliated with the House of Representatives and served until. He was elected to the Senate of the Philippines in but never served due to the Japanese occupation in December.

His parents were Policronio Garcia and Ambrosia Polistico

He continued to serve as a Senator for the release of the Philippines to the Japanese occupation in. Bear Garcia in the United States to ilobby the compensation for damage in the war of the Philippines. He has served also delegates of the newly formed United Nations in San Francisco. In the Senate, he became the leader of the minority and presided over these influential committees were the government, army, justice and affairs of the Philippines. Then give up the Americans on the Japanese in May, Garcia was pinahanap of the day that the Japanese to apprehend because of his refusal to join in the conquest of the Japanese.

He will join forces guerrillas against the Japanese in Bohol until after the Second world War.

In November, Garcia was elected Vice President along with of Ramon Magsaysay as President of the Philippines.

Under Magsaysay, Garcia became Secretary of the affairs.

As secretary, he created the peace agreement in Japanese and nakipagayos for its payment in the war.

Attend Garcia in Conferences Geneva concerning the things that Asian. His attacked the communist and supported the policy Americans across the East. In the Philippines, he continued to developed the foreign policy and ministered in the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) Conference in that resulted in eight member alliance military to prevent the expansion of communism. In March, García became president after the death of Ramon Magsaysay in an accident on the plane. Winner he in the presidential election in November. To get the victory in the election, he chose Diosdado Macapagal from the opposition Liberal Party to be included to run as vice president. As President, kept him a strict program of restrictions to eliminate corruption. He tried to curb the flourishing black market and tried to pagsiglahin the economy. The growth of the economy of the Philippines is in.

His implemented the policy 'Filipino First' to terminate the preponderance of foreigners in the economy of the Philippines.

All of the aborted alien that most Americans will be constrained to bit fifty-one percent interest in the company domestic. Started he also segregation in full dependence upon the United States as the guarantor of the security of the Philippines and sought for a new orientation towards the other Asian country. These policies are not liked by the Americans Tried also by Garcia that activate the native arts cultural to adopt the appropriate national government. While in power, the Government of president Garcia has talked with the leaders of the United States to be transferred to the control of the Philippines the not used military base of America. Eventually became excess being pro-Filipino by Garcia and destroying him was initiated in the newspaper, on the air with the help of the CIA whereas new brother of the American Diosdado Macapagal to win the election in. In, in the midst of a slowed economy and allegations of corruption, Garcia was defeated in the elections of the presidency to his vice president Diosdado Macapagal. After of defeat, he had retired from women but in was recruited he's Ferdinand Marcos to preside over a new constitutional convention to create the Constitution of the Philippines of but he died before get the position. Apart from his achievements as a national politician, Garcia is also known that the poet in his epic poems, Matchmaker.

He died of a heart attack on fourteen June at age.