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MALLET-united kingdom (Worker's Socialist) - Socialist Workers - Philippines

Statement for the Global Day of PaggawaManggagawang Socialist-Philippines(MALLET-Philippines)May, March, ManilaTaken of the protests the Workers in front of the office of the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) in panunguna of Workers Socialist (MALLET-Philippines). The extra wages are not enough for heart-to-heart the former high-to staple for a family. In fact, lacking it's still the amount raised fares in the MRT - LRT recently, according to them. Pinanawagan of the group to demolish the only such office because it wasn't a play of their duties for workers. But, the more protected they the company for makahamig of huge profit without regard to Workers.

Insults alleged in the Workers such an increase because it has no value and lacking lacking itutumbas rising pamsahe in MLR - LRT and other services of the government, water, electricity, etc. The MALLET-Philippines is composed of various Socialist Organization of Workers.