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The arrival of Magellan in the Philippines - I Can tell

The island was named by Magellan as the Archipelago of St

Of the reach of Ferdinand Magellan to the island of Samar in Cebu called the Archipelago of San LorenzoIs reached by Ferdinand Magellan (Fernando Magallanes) of his expedition to the island of Samar to Cebu. Magellan was a Portuguese who serves under the flag and King of Spain began to travel in from Spain to perform the first voyage around the world. The heat of Magellan consists of five ship called San Antonio, Santiago, Concepcion, Victoria, and Trinity that there are possible sailor.

Lazarus, and took possession of the land for the Kingdom of Spain, under the name of King Charles I of Spain (Carlos I).

Magellan and his companions claims first European landed in the Philippines. After introduce by Rajah Kolambu and Rajah Siagu Magellan to Rajah Humabon of Cebu. Along with approximately eight hundred Cebuano, was baptized Rajah Humabon on behalf of Christianity. The king of Cebu Rajah Humabon and his queen is binautismuhang Catholic church which takes the name Carlos in honor of King Carlos of Spain and Juana in honor of the mother of Carlos. To commemorate this event, given by Magellan to Juana the Santo NiƱo as a sign of the new alliance. Due to the influence of Magellan to Rajah Humabon, a law was mandated by Daybreak for the nearby chiefs that each of them will provide supply of food to the ship and then magkokonberte to Christianity. The majority in israel it is followed here but was Datu Lapu-Lapu that one of the main chiefs in the interior of the island of Mactan is the only object. Assisted by Magellan si Rajah Humabon battle was Datu Lapu-Lapu. Killed Magellan in a battle on April The remainder of the other Spanish in the archipelago had disputes, including the dispute of Rajah Humabon and Spanish concerning women. In a clash, killed the nine twenty-seven Spanish Abandoned by the Spanish, Cebu to continue their journey. Returned to Spain on the ship Victoria (a ship only with the remaining eighteen staff) after three years.