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The Japanese occupation in the Philippines

The Conquest of the Japanese was the period in the History of the Philippines from to, during world War Ii, when invaded by the Empire of Japan and the Philippines former tinatabanan or under the authority of the United StatesDuring the Second world War, was bombed by troops of the Japanese soldier in the Philippines on December. It occurred a day after the bombing attacks against the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the United States. After a few weeks, withdrew at General Douglas MacArthur with the government of Manuel L. Quezon who was then the incumbent as President of the Philippines. By the time forces of the Japanese on April. The prisoners of war are required to walk the Japanese (the so-called March of Death) goes to a concentration camp in Capas in the province of Tarlac. After the fall of Bataan in the hands of the Japanese, went to MacArthur in Australia.

Replaced him on Corregidor, General Jonathan Wainwright, to resume the fighting, until forced to surrender the Filipino and American after twenty-seven days.

Lasted for three years the conquest or occupation of the Japanese in the Philippines.

Founder secretary of a government figurehead only they, who serves as president Jose P. Laurel In October, began the war of liberation in the Philippines from the Japanese when landed the forces of Douglas MacArthur on the island of Leyte.

Naproklama as the new president of the Philippines was Sergio Osmeña at the death of Manuel Quezon. Strong nabomba of the soldiers of the United States Manila in February. Master of American forces military of General Homma in the Mountain Province (Mountain Province), compelled to give up when they fail to they attempt to escape.