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The Japanese occupation in the Philippines

The Conquest of the Japanese was the period in the History of the Philippines from to, during world War Ii, when invaded by the Empire of Japan and the Philippines former tinatabanan or under the authority of the United StatesDuring the Second world War, was bombed by troops of the Japanese soldier in the Philippines on December. It occurred a day after the bombing attacks against the Japanese on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and the United States. After a few weeks, withdrew at General Douglas MacArthur with the government of Manuel L. Quezon who was then the incumbent as President of the Philippines. By the time forces of the Japanese on April. The prisoners of war are required to walk the Japanese (the so-called March of Death) goes to a concentration camp in Capas in the province of Tarlac. After the fall of Bataan in the hands of the Japanese, went to MacArthur in Australia.

Replaced him on Corregidor, General Jonathan Wainwright, to resume the fighting, until forced to surrender the Filipino and American after twenty-seven days.

Lasted for three years the conquest or occupation of the Japanese in the Philippines.

Founder secretary of a government figurehead only they, who serves as president Jose P. Laurel In October, began the war of liberation in the Philippines from the Japanese when landed the forces of Douglas MacArthur on the island of Leyte.

Naproklama as the new president of the Philippines was Sergio Osmeña at the death of Manuel Quezon. Strong nabomba of the soldiers of the United States Manila in February. Master of American forces military of General Homma in the Mountain Province (Mountain Province), compelled to give up when they fail to they attempt to escape.

Confiscating property, pinalagan of PECO - Philippine Star Today

MANILA, Philippines Filed a petition in the Mandaluyong Regional Trial Court the Panay Electric Company (PECO) to kuwestyunin the made act of Congress that gives power to the opponent own company to “confiscate” all of its properties in pagsusuplay of electricity in the city of Iloilo and neighboring areasAccording to the company, whether the Constitution is violated by the RA finish to allow the Monte Oro Resources Energy (MORE) to take the property of PECO that naipundar its almost hundred years of its pagsusuplay of electricity on the island of Panay. Specifically kinukuwestyon of PECO is the Section ten and Section seventeen of RA provided by the Congress in MORE in a year and approved in turn last month.

Aim also of the petition ordered by the court the Department of Energy (DOE) and Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to stop the implementation of RA while hears the issue. Pointed out yet that even if the Constitution sets out who cannot get a private property without adequate compensation.

Grandfather nasalpok, was dragged by the truck dead - Philippine Star Today

MANILA, Philippines the Dead a grandfather after it masalpok and trail of a truck while riding her bicycle the safety of night along the Ro-xas Boulevard, Pasay CityCauses of severe injuries to the head and body, dead on arrival at San Juan De Dios Hospital inaaalam yet the identity and estimated at sixty to -year-old, wearing a white t-shirt and denim pants. Not know the victim was aboard his bicycle the upcoming and humaharurot truck. Nabundol the old up the trail quite a few meters away Deposited the corpse of the victim to the Rizal Funeral Homes and give up turn to the authorities the driver Agustin Jr.

Registration of property rights of land: assessment of innovation

Came into force of law designed to address shortagesblangko the state certificates on the ground and establish clear rules of right registrationsa land. Saying about a lawyer AF 'Vasil Kisilat partner, 'Natalia Dotsenko-Belous, April eight VictorYushchenko signed the Law of Ukraine 'On amendments to some PambatasanGawa of Ukraine concerning documents certifying the right to lupalugar, and the methods section, and brings together land 'N-VIAs a result, the innovations algorithm to get the rights of ownership arinakuha under the transactions in land of private property arianay as follows: signing Sauna, stages, the conclusion and notarization of the sibilkasunduan aimed at the acquisition of land ownership(for Example, sale, exchange, donation, agreement on the kasiyahancreditors annexed to the contract of pledge of the ground). SaIto is a contract as a mandatory annex nagmumungkahipagsasama of state certificate of title of the previous owner, and the responsibilidadnotaryo is charged with affixing the marks on the transfer of ownership aribinuo in accordance with Cabinet of ministers order. Registration of title to land the next step: registrationkontrata in local land use that no technical naDocumentation of Land Management to produce documents provingbatas of the land. In the same body of land that ipinagkalooblamang of fourteen days for registration of rights It was during registrationkarapatan in the land concerned can be considered the acquirerisang land owners. Exclusion of pampublikongpagkilos of the number of legal documents in the case of the acquisition of lupaplots on the basis of the transaction is an important step towards simplifyingat reduce the cost of the acquisition of ownership of lupainplots. The law also provides a unique opportunity for taonghindi had time to draw the state certificate of ownership to the land, refrain from taking it, limit the registration of the contract. At the same time it should be noted that the procedure for registration of rights acquired saLand in the placement of the mark on the contract has not yet been determined. It may be that he will not be approved until May, which lingering the opposite effect - the suspension of the registration of nabilialinsunod in Law N-VI land. Been savedalawang-step procedure for acquisition of rights to land makes it imposiblepagpapatupad of certain transactions with the acquired sites in a day (saHalimbawa, the transfer of a mortgage is obtained on the ground). Peropositibong aspects of registration of rights to land based sakontrata is the possibility of getting a title documentand in the land and property located on it, in the case of the simultaneous acquisition in accordance with Article of the LandCode. One act - one part of a welcome innovation-likhaAct is the introduction of an action of the state property in kananIsang parcel that would eliminate the issue of re-registration prosesoestado certificate in case of alienation of the owner of one of the sites while pagpepreserbamga rights to others.

At the same time, individuals who received a single kumilosilang plots of land, with the entry into force of the law aylimitado on the alienation of land to the renewal in some estadokilos in each of the sites.

The alienation of shares of not less than happy pagdatingbago participants in the land market is setting pamamaraanpaghati - combining land and the alienation of their parts. So, bahagilupa may be expropriated after its release in the field and get its state certificate of ownership. Allocation in nature properties are preceded by the preparation of technical documentation for the division - asosasyonlupa in the composition, which is provided for in Article of the BatasUkraine 'In Land Management.