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The Central bank of the Philippines

The Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP) is a central bank of the Republic of the Philippines Founded the BSP in three January

as the handle of the central finances of the country considered to be the bank of banks the Central bank of the Philippines because it monitors all of the financial institutions. The following are the main roles of the BSP.

The Origin of the Philippines - Legends

There is no sea between Asia and the Philippines

What'different assumptions about the origin of the Philippines

According specialists in the study of balatlupa, during the first time the Philippines is part of Asia.

But due to landslide, earthquake, volcanic eruption and flooding of the ice, part of the land connects the Philippines in Asia will crumble. There are testify that the Philippines is part of Asia in the first period. Recently has found the skull of the animal in the mountains of the Cordillera. Animals like this are only there to see now in other countries in Asia and none in Piipinas.

In accordance also with the historian, the Philippines is said from time immemorial is part remnant of the huge continent that sank to the sea of India named'y the surname sanders.

According others, it raw probably is part of the lost continent Pacifico named'y Hu. According to our indian mythology, during the first time is no land but only heaven and water.

Now we see in the area that is water

With one raw crow that no terimah kasi. Thought of the crows that papaglabanin the sky and the sea. Big wave isinaboy of the sea in heaven. The sky also was threw big stones in the sea. These stones came from the ground One of the islands of the land of naturan is the Philippines. Another kinawiwilihang legend about the origin of the Philippines is about to Silalak and Sibabay. Since it is said the world's Prime Source the inunang created is the sea and the sky. When there is no other life then on earth, the Prime Source is malulungkutin. In his grief he had shed tears Two drops tears dropped in the firmament and that's been the birds. For there is no meeting the same decendants the birds, naibulong of the Prime Source is the 'I Want to have land and woods should be the same decendants of birds. Almost not been able to tell it, without in the crips, nagkarobn of land and forests. The bamboo tree in the land of naturan, perch the birds. Tapped the bird a limb that bamboo. If it had a magical voice that heard, 'you Strengthen the pagtuktok. Without tuktukin at full strength the limbs of the bamboo, split it and take the first-ever male. After the birds pagtuktok to another internode of bamboo. Without been able to break the bamboo, appeared also the first woman. He was Sibabay.

Supreme Court of the Philippines

The supreme Court of the Philippines (or the Supreme Court of the Philippines) is the highest court in the Philippines, as well as the last breastwork of the PhilippinesIt is headed by the Chief Justice and biinubuo the court of fifteen that Included Justices, including the Chief Justice. In accordance with the Constitution of, the Supreme Court the managers of all the court and all its personnel. The office of the supreme Court, which was once part of the University of the Philippines-Manila, is located at the intersection of the Street Padre Faura and Taft Avenue, ermita in Manila, and the main building it is against the Philippine General Hospital (PGH). In the years before the establishment of the official supreme Court, have institutions that are engaged in the practice of power to the judiciary.

Before the coming of the Spanish, the powers that magisterial is in the hands of the head of the barangay.

In the early years of the Spanish government, this power was given to Miguel López de Legazpi, the first Governor-General of the Philippines.

He led the civil court and criminal under the Law Real on August.

The current supreme court is derived from the Real Rv of Manila, appointed on the th of Mao and consisting of a president, four judge, and a prosecutor. The Chief magistrate of the Real Audiencia was the Governor-General of the Philippines.

It became the highest court in the Philippines, followed only by the Consejo de Indias of Spain.

However, performing it is also the duty of the trustee of the government, not only the duty of the judiciary. The duties and the structure of the Audiencia' is subjected to large fluctuations in without the chair it was replaced by the chief justice and raise the number of judges. Acknowledged it the Audiencia Territorial de Manila with two branches, civil and criminal, and later was called the sala de lo civil and sala de lo criminal. Replaced the 'Audiencia in a real branch judicial released the law on July, but its judgments may be appealed to the supreme Court of Spain in Madrid. On February, a 'Audiencia' established in Cebu, followed by the foundation of the 'Audience' for this case krimina in Vigan. However, the popularity of the supreme court as interpreter of the law did not know at the time of the Spanish colonization. From until, no supreme Court since abolished by the new American Governor-General of the Philippines the Real Rv de Manila because it subjected the Philippines to the government's martial law of the American. Officially established the supreme Court of the Philippines on June, through the passage of Law no, also known as the Law Judicial of the Second Philippine Commission.

The validity of that law, the power to magisterial in the archipelago of the Philippines is pinaialim in the supreme Court and Courts of First Instannce'. The structure of the court that passed the Law no.

was adopted by the Congress of the United States with the passage of the Philippine Bill of.