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The rights of buyers in the price, refund

You may not know of all buyers, but they have rights under the law to protect them from fraud or defective products

That's discussed in the 'Conversation De Campanilla' own Wednesday: the rights of the consumer when it comes to the purchase of the product, including the call-refund of the goods, and knowing the right price of it.

Under the Republic Act or better known as 'Price Tag Law' set forth the rights of consumers to protect against exploitation, no matter how big or small the store. According to the Department of Trade and Industry Undersecretary Ruth Castelo, underlying in RA the rights of the consumer to pay for repair, return, or call refund of the defective product. He defined that do not cover here the underwear or swimwear, or to goods that are for sale, or sold with discounts. When it comes to products already for sale, must advise first the buyers that taboo to refund them before the transaction. Inihalimbawa he pagpaskil some carry their promo even exhausted their promo products, contrary it is said in the law. Yield Castelo, should eliminates the such advertisements if exhausted their supply for the promotion Moreover, there are some situation it is said which the more highly charged the cashier of the supermarket than the placed price tag. Yield Castelo, should said followed the amount on the price tag that is posted with the product.

Microsoft Account - Manage Your Microsoft Account in One Place

Add money to Microsoft account of your child any time

They do not will need your credit card, and containers we of age limit their purchasesJoin a group video call, or send a short message to all of included in the chat family that is already set up and waiting for you. The activity reports will allow you to see the activity of your children online. Can you talk about good practices and set limits related to the duration of the dealing they on the screen together. View and clear the location data that we collect when you are using the products and services of Microsoft. Make sure up-to-date your information. In this way you prove that you are the owner in case you forget your password. Change any part of your personal information and will be updated with every device and service. Update your photo, personal information, and billing information at any time in one place.

If you have many email address or phone number, tell us you use the most to give you information about your Microsoft account.

If you need, you can block particular app, game, or website

Keep we up to date the information of your subscription in the account with Microsoft, so that you will properly be able to access the Xbox, Skype, Office, and many others. All of your subscription, live in the same place. Quick renew and manage each service lets you be connected and productive. Update or change a payment option, or add a new payment method for a subscription. Use the Office Online along with the email for free, get free storage in OneDrive, automatically be enrolled in the free program that Microsoft Rewards, and have free calls on Skype. Did you think about a subscription. Do you feel concerned If you need to stop the automatic renewal, get a refund, or cancel, you can do it in few clicks only.

Displays the history page of your ordering every last purchase and the details of it. Go back to the past, any time Update your credit card information, add new ways of paying for stuff, or remove the old payment option in your account.

If you lose one of your devices, or if you think you may have stole it, to find, ring, lock, and erase it.

Apply For A U.s. Visa - The Option of the Bank and Method of Payment - Payment of Visa Fee - Philippines (English)

Remember, the MRV fee is not refundable

In generally, each applicant for a visa, including children, are required to pay a non-refundable, non-transferrable Machine Clément Visa (MRV) application fee, whether a visa man is maisyu or notThe visa application fee is determined by the type of visa you want to apply.

You do not need to apply for a new U.S.

visa if the visa that you hold is a valid U.S. visa or you are a citizen of any country participating in the Visa Waiver Program. Some individuals may not require a visa, or be Exempted from fee, for example: If you need to apply for a visa, please follow the instructions below for paying your visa application fee. For more information about exemptions of fees, please visit the page. Note: The the applicant is limited to the number of times that can be to reschedule their appointment.

Please plan accordingly in order not to pay another visa application fee.

The Visa application Fee is not refundable. You can pay your non immigrant visa application fee by cash at BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS.

Before you go to the bank, you need and we print the appropriate U.S.

Visa Application Deposit slip. Bring the deposit slip to pay your fee.

Please confirm first if you do not need to apply for visa

DO not photocopy a single deposit slip. There must be a unique deposit slip for each transaction. If you are printing a deposit slip prior to the day planned to make your payment, please note the expiration date on your deposit slip. If you exceed the expiration date before using a deposit slip for you get paid, please return here to the site and to click the appropriate link in the banding below for publishing a new deposit slip. The agents of the bank will not accept a fee based on expired deposit slips. Then accept your payments, the bank will give you a receipt. It can not replace just in case it is lost. You will not be able to schedule an appointment the without your receipt number. Select the deposit slip that conform to`your visa application fee from the list toward the bottom. The values are based on U.S dollars and local finance. This page has more information about the different visa application fees: After you pay the Visa Application fee, keep your bank receipt for your personal records. It can not replace just in case it is lost. You will not be able to schedule an appointment the without your receipt number. If you have an account either at Bank of the Philippine Islands or BancNet you can choose to pay your visa application fee online using their online payment service: If you are paying for more than one applicant, please DO not make a total payment for all applicants. The UID - number of the receipt must be in each an applicant paid a visa fee for the scheduled appointment. After you have paid the visa application fee, please keep the receipt of payment for your records. If the scheduling of your appointment is online or communicated in our call center, you need the receipt number printed on your receipt.

Please make sure the typing of the receipt number exactly printed on your receipt from the bank.

You can schedule your interview after four hours from the time pay the visa application fee. The below table shows the different times of the process in the different fee payment, and when can schedule your interview after you paid your visa application fee. You can schedule your interview after four hours of payment of visa application fee. The below table shows the different times of the process in the different fee payment and when you can schedule your interview after you paid your visa application fee. If you have questions about the consular exchange rate, see the Visa Fee page click on it to create a profile and answer five short questions to be we know the right amount that you must pay.

Commission on the Civil Service

It was organized again in the Bureau in

The Commission on Civil Service (CSC, also known as the Commission on the Civil ServiceCivil Service Commission) is a pantauhang central agency of the government of the Philippines. One of the three independent commission constitutional with pinagpapasiyahang duty on the whole of the national government, it is japan to deal with the most recent adjustments in the agitation and action pantauhan in the circumstances of the civil service. Under the armm, the Commission on the Civil Service must perform the following task: The Commission on the Civil Service of the Philippines was formally established under the Law Public).

five two classification of tools in The Law concerning the Founding and Maintenance of Our Efficient and Honest Civil Service of the Island of the Philippines of the Second Commission of the Philippines in.

The Board of Civil Service it is composed of a Chairman, Secretary and Tree in the Giving of the Exam. The Board is governing in the exams of civil service and also the arrangement of the grounds about the assignment in paglilingko to the government. Strictly established by the Constitution of the Philippines the system of merits as the basis regarding work in the government. The following year will witness also the expansion of hurisdksiyon of the Bureau to include the three branches of government: the national government, regional government, and the corporate government. nakinikilalang Law of Civil Service. This is the first important generated the law in the bureaucracy of the Philippines, speaking the spreading law of the management related to the administration pantauhan of the government that was released in. Replaced by this Law the Bureau of Civil Service Commission the Civil Service with the status of pangkagawaran. In, organized again the meaning of the Commandment Presidential Nos. (Law on Civil Service of the Philippines) the duties of the Commission as pantauhang central agency of government.

The current mandate is derived from Article IX-B of the Constitution of the Philippines was given effect through Book V of the armm (The Administrative Code of).

The Code is repeated saying the existing principles and policies in the management of the bureaucracy and recognizes, for the first time, the rights of workers in the government in the presence of the organization in the self and collective negotiations under the conjugation of the Constitution of the Philippines.

The Protection of the Consumer for The Bill of Cable - Federal Communications Commission

If you are charged by your provider of cable for services or equipment you have not requested or approved, may be you've experienced the “negative option billing” Similar to “cramming” when the incorporated company of the phone the unauthorized charges on the phone bill of the customer provides the negative option billing responsibility to the customers who contact the company of the cable to matutulan the charges and get the refund. You must first agree to things such as premium subscription channels, set-top box or digital video recorder before you charge your company a cable for it. Not enough for a company of cable that let you just opt out then add a new service or piece of equipment on your bill In a case in to negative options in billing, announced subscribers to a large company of cable that charged them for the upgrade of services and equipment particular they rejected. Announced different they have no knowledge of the unauthorized charges until they receive non-order equipment in the mail, receive notification of the requested change to the account via email, or conduct of examination in their monthly bill. Described the consumer spending a lot of time and energy to attempt to eliminate the unauthorized charge on their bill and get the refund. Investigated by the FCC the company in response to filing this complaint Included in the become resulting agreement is the payment of large fines and the binding commitment (in English) of the companies more will make it easy for customers getting refunds and more will make it difficult for unauthorized charges to be placed in the bills. With responsibility the companies of the cable to make sure accurate their bill and authorized by their customers any and all charges. You can file a complaint (in English) with the FCC if you feel you have been the victim of unlawful acts on the billing.

Frequently asked questions about the platform trade of the Olymp Trade

For more information, see the section 'How to start

The other option is a tool in the stock market for earning money by guessing if most do or will increase the price of an assetCan earn money the trader if the rise in just the prices of one points. After registering, automatically opening a trading account, and you can deposit. One other word: it is a statistical indicator financial fluctuations in price. For traders, it is very important indicator, since, when choosing assets, need to know a trader what the increase-baba this subject. Due to the volatility figure becomes possible to assess the risk to invest in a particular asset. At the same time, due to the volatility figure, it becomes also possible for traders to estimate the patensyal income.

This is the stage of time, in the far part of it automatically close the trade, i.e, conducted it.

In OLYMPTRADE, you can choose the range of time from one minute to three hours. Please be you can exactly cancel a trade. If you know you are wrong in your prediction and the wrong direction the infer of the charts then you could execute a trade, you can cancel your trade and avoid the full losses of your investment. In the section 'Trade I' (in column Sale) you can see the amount of the refund if canceled a trade (you can recover up to of investment depending on when canceled the trade). If you don't want to cancel a trade, you need to click on the button with the amount of the return and then confirm the early sale. Included in the assets the currency pairs, stocks, indices, and commodities.

The base assets are the foundation of any options.

If more volatile, the higher the risk

When trading you trade options, you can trade in currency pairs, commodities (gold, oil), the main index on the stock exchange and the stock. You can check the complete list of assets and the time of the trade for each of them in the appropriate section of our site Assets".

The liquidity is the capacity of the asset to sell quickly with the minimum losses associated with the speed of sale.

In other words, the mean of liquid is the ability to be converted into money. The currency is the most liquid asset. The second being liquid is the gilt-gamer security.

In the market of security, direct depends the being liquid in the volumes of the trade for an asset and in the number of current offers with buying and selling. The metal such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium are exchanged-traded commodities.

Referred to the price of it in the center of international trade, in New York and London. The obstruction of the metal that it is potentially marketable at any time and with minimal losses. The call option is bought when you believe the trader higher will be the price of the selected asset when performed options than buy it. The put option is bought when you believe the trader less will be the price of the selected asset when executed the option than buy it. It is a system of some component which helps the trader to decide whether to open do you trade or not. Included in the system the one or more tools of analysis (fundamental, technical, graphical analysis), specific conditions for use in it, the rules of money management and the habits psychological.

Trading Strategy - an algorithm that uses the indicator and other tools-analysis and set of specific rules for the execute trade with them.

Along with the trading strategy (strategy trading) on the trading system.

The income from a trade may be reached in of the amount to invest. Directly dependent the revenue to the percentage of return. The higher the rate of return, the higher also your income. For deposit in your account, you need to select the section"Deposits"in your Dashboard, select payment method, fill in the amount of deposited (Dollars tens the minimum), and then click on the button to Deposit. Aalukan you bonuses on depositing If you do not want to accept this bonus, you must click the button “Cancel bonus” and follow the instructions.

For to withdraw funds, you need to submit a request on your Dashboard.

Go to the section “withdrawal, ” choose the method of withdrawal, fill the amount and click “Submit the request. ” The maximum duration of withdrawal is five business days, although we always try to perform your request as quickly as possible. Usually, requests are processed within twenty-four hours or the next business day. Combination of hardware and software that allows the user (trader) to trade and gives them access to information about the market financial. It usually takes a few seconds for receiving data from the server, so do not immediately open the trade. Usually takes this process of four seconds. On the platform of the Olymp Trade, you can close a trade before the expiry time of the option. Depends refund to changes in the price of the asset. If more active the movements of the price chart in the direction of the trade you choose, the greater the refund when you sold the option. If moving the chart of the price as opposed to your prediction, can fall the amount of the refund to zero. Can be reached the maximum refund up to of investment. To allow for assets that cryptocurrency. Through the sale of the trade, you can get up twenty that net income without waiting at the time of expiry. Be not active the function to trade in the sale if there are no more one - sixth of the time left before the expiry. Depends the activity of the trade in the currency at the time of operation of the main room of the trade and rising when you exit the big news in the economy. It is a kind of continuous charts based on the feed price. Kinakatawanan of this chart the linear relationship in the exchange of quotes that are constantly changing for exchange-traded assets. Online-plot the charts It is a kind of chart to use Japanese candlesticks in its construction. It form of seems candlestick based on the data for a particular time interval (time frame).

For example, a kandilang with a fifteen second time frame means formed candle inside of fifteen seconds and start a new candle after this stage.

The kandilang Heiken Ashi is an indicator that organizes the candlestick charts, reduces the increase-low price and makes charts to be more clear and more production-knowledge. Useful and popular this instrument to the modern trader. If so, the high the highest value on the opening, closing and high price of current candle low is the lowest value in the opening, closing and low prices of the current candle. It is a time scale of prices in the platform of trade. If you choose a time frame of ten minutes in the line chart, you will see the part of the chart of prices in the past ten minutes. If you choose a minute' time frame in Japanese candlesticks charts, display of each candle how prices have changed in this stage (if it rise, it would be the green candle if dropped, it will be red). The zoom is an additional feature of the chart that helps you use a larger amount of historical data within twenty-four hours.

Allows feature the trader to scroll back in the history of the chart for a particular time period, zoom in and zoom out from a particular segment of the chart.

You need the zoom scrolling for technical analysis, the goal is the search for patterns in the historical period of the chart. In the OLYMP TRADE, under the quotes chart the zoom. For example: the limit on the trade without risk is Dollar.

This means, after activation, you can open a trade that does not exceed hundreds USD.

How wrong your prediction, we will refund up to hundreds USD in your account to trade. You can activate a trade whose value is not yet in the limit the trade without risk. For example: the limit on the trade without risk is Dollar. You have activated the trade without risk, but USD you put in the 'value of the trade. How wrong your prediction, we will refund up to USD on your account. However, not be refunded the difference between the limit of the trade that there is no risk and the selected value of the trade. Based on the verification of clients at the request of the Company. If you need to bind the Clients to the verification, contact the Company in Client and send a message to the email placed in the registry. As a rule, ask the following documents to verify a Client: receiving in the request to the verification, shall send all required documents to the e-mail.

How to get access password from a protected file

ACCDB to the latest version, and protects it with the same way that other products from the Office of the use of the Microsoft familyThe most commonplace type of protection for MS Office documents is a password to open. This is a high level of password is required for opening a document - in our case, a file.

However, the password will get forgotten and lost, and Access is no exception to this rule - if you a password can be set once intentionally or unintentionally and forgotten a few weeks later.

A password-protected files can be “inherited” from a colleague who is currently out of reach or on vacation. So there are all kinds of situations that make you think of one thing: from a protected file, you have two options. One is to find the people that have this skill and the other one is to find a tools that will help you from a protected file on your own, thus saving you a sufficient amount of money and quite possibly a few days of your work. is a lightning-fast tool that will solve the problem of lost and forgotten Access passwords once and for all. If you do not know furniture does not use time - and resource-consuming brute force attack or dictionary-based attacks. Instead, and removal, so you can either copy the recovered password to the system clipboard and use it in a database editor afterwards or simply remove the Access password by clicking a single button. for passwords to open All other types of passwords, including user and group level passwords, database owner and security ID password, as well as VBA project passwords, are Not supported due to technical limitations. has one of the simplest interfaces you've ever seen Because the program uses the complicated procedure password recovery, without need for additional control, the menu and navigation items. You do not need to configure a bunch of parameters to that's all You can now choose a different file for removing the password or exit from the program. As you can see, it takes is capable of recovering and removing passwords to open from almost all of the Microsoft Access database, with the exception of the latest ACCDB format. It can recover passwords from encrypted and non-encrypted Access databases, works of. mdb file located on the local network (if accessible) and works completely autonomously, so you don't have MS Access to perform an operation. The users of international versions of MS Access will appreciate the ability of the program to work with passwords in different encodings, including ANSI, Unicode, numeric and alpha-numeric. will come in handy especially for professionals in the dealing with a large number of support requests coming from users who actively collaborate with Access databases. It can also turn out to be a useful tool in the arsenal of a database developer dealing with assignments customized and legacy system support. Whatever the case you will, will prove to be a wise investment that will pay off the very first time you need help with a quick We will refund your order if our tools and our specialist is not to remove the password from your Access database.