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Title of the land, you can check in any branch of the Registry of Deeds

Shared by a representative from the Land Registration Authority (LRA) that can check and register the lands in distant places even what branch of the Registry of Deeds

'Because also computerization that we, the title, could we be certified where there is near Registry of Deeds in your area, yield Atty.

Sedfrey Garcia in the program 'Conversation De Campanilla' of DZMM. Previously, required more idulong the process in the branch of the Registry of Deeds that is closest to the ground. So if trying to sell you an individual tiga-Rizal of land in Mindanao, you can take the process to the nearest Registry of Deeds. Asserted pa's Garcia that only fast processing because the priority of the registry the request from a different area. Your registry in request I, should i-I prioritized, explains Garcia. 'This is the agency that represents the registration of land and personal properties, ani Garcia. Besides alleged to be in land and houses, can also be the register in the LRA personal property. Some of the mentioned vehicles, motorcycles and jewelry. 'Safeguards against published we for know of the person it is with the pawn or with the liablities that should be treated with respect, ani Garcia. Inirerehistro still in the LRA the transactions of the pawnshop But the parties to the pawnshop should maglapit it to the agency. Part of the interview with Garcia in the series of Talks De Campanilla that aims to provide information on the mandate of some agency of the government.