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Regions of the Philippines

In the Philippines, the region is a subdivision administrative that serves to organize the provinces of the country for easy managementIn, there are already eleven-seven region and it is divided into eighty-two province. Formed the region to faction the province with the share attribute cultural and etnolohikal. They are grouped as the region for urgent operations. Most government offices were naitatawag as offices regional rather than one by one office, provincial, and common in the city designated as the capital of the region. Originally Planned to be autonomous the The Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) or Cordillera Administrative Region but due to non successful two plebiscite to make autonomous CAR, been regular administrative regions only. Now increased by one and it is called philiregion(region) in the phase uttermost chin of the philippines. Items eighteen that the region in the country we are.

Retraction of Jose Rizal: new documents and perspectives

For that he also discarded his heroism

According to some, is Jose Rizal, who was slain by the kolonyalistang Spanish, has become a hero because of his wrote to destroy the idea of colonialism and liberate the mind we are to form the country the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo and his essay on La Solidaridad, that determined beliefs that are blinding us, especially the compliance to the wishes of the friar as the messenger of GodBut, some time before he shoot, signed by it's a document that says he raw is a Catholic and retracting him all of his writings against the church. Identified the document as the retraktasyon, “The Retraction. ” Because of his conversion to the church, married they of Josephine Bracken, his last love. According to some, it increasingly became the great Rizal in recognition of his errors against faith. But for many, not convincing in the last moments of his life, he would recall his writings, the cause of him its hero. Even found the said documents of retraktasyon in, continues the doubt. Especially to be considered unique eyewitness account of the incident written by the Half-Father Vicente Balaguer. How all of us, the reasonable Rizal was suddenly awakened several times, four times, later, nagpamisa, nangomunyon and nagrosaryo yet. Weird for some, including me. I was one of those historians that do not believe in retraktasyon. ” One can only magresolba it, I said if there will be another eyewitness account of the night and morning that can attest or refute the retraktasyon or in the testimony of Father Balaguer.

In the documents of the spy Spanish called already a government de Vigilancia, found the report written on the day of the death of Rizal's Federico Moreno, that the narrative of the revelation to him of an agent of the already a government de Vigilancia, a guard at the cell of Rizal, therefore, an “additional independent eyewitness account.

” According to the statement, write Rizal was a role that he heard the retraktasyon. Also mentioned the two priests Jesuits to enter in the dungeon's Father Jose Vilaclara and Father Estanislao March, and two other people, were Juan del Fresno and Eloy Moure. And the ripping, recorded by Moreno, all of who are entered in the cell that night, nor sometimes, there is no cited with trespassing Padre Balaguer. Mean nothing is Padre Balaguer there, can secondary source that only he and interviewed only of Father Vilaclara and Father March to build his testimony. I have a huge belief that there is no reason to lie to the guards or is Moreno especially and they made the notes in exactly that time. Recently, a copy of “De La Imitacion de Cristo” written by Thomas á Kempis the left to the Director of the National Museum of the Philippines, Jeremy Barns. This is the very copy given by Rizal with Josephine Bracken in his last visit here on the day of his death. He wrote here, “To my dear and unhappy wife, Josephine, December th, Jose Rizal. ” Except he called “wife” or wife here, Josephine, that can be magpatungkol to the legality of their marriage, the very book that he gave to the last woman he loved was a book about mimicking the path of Christ.

And for me, not ending the “Retraction Controversy

He died a Christian. The cross is the universal symbol of the Christian. Reminded me of Prop. Wensley Reyes The Philippine Normal University in the two writings of Rizal before die he spoke of this symbol.

In his final instructions to the family that they have not received until in (the letters will become part of the donation of the Spanish Foreign Minister Alberto Martinez Artajo y Alvarez in the Philippine government): “Bury me in the ground.

Check you the of a stone and the CROSS. My name, day of birth and of death. If you then want to yard my tomb, you can take. No more anniversary Better if the Feet of the Mountain. Mercy you, Josephine.

” In his last poem, mentioned also include the name of the cross on his grave twice.

If you look at it, Rizal wants to give a Christian burial, samatuwid, died a Christian Catholic.

So turn on the light brought by the new documents and new interpretation, can therefore Jose Rizal was also hires. Can true the retraktasyon. There is a reason why he wrote the document. But it is really if it is true. Change is the commitment and achievements of a person in his whole life of affirmation and boldness of a paper that he had signed on the day of his death.