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important points from the West PH Sea ruling

MANILA - the name celani the Filipinos became the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in favor of the Philippines on the issue in the West Philippine SeaHere are some important points from the decision of the PCA and its implications, from the analysis of the experts: According to Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, referring to the West Philippine Sea in the pacific in the jurisdiction of the Philippines. Including said it the territorial sea, exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf of the Philippines. Light of Carpio, not claimed by the Philippines around the South China Sea and filed just of the country in the international courts the maritime rights its in the West Philippine Sea. Used he says the West Philippine Sea the regard to the disputed territory of the Philippines and China. The South China Sea also should be used when regarding the dispute of China and other countries in South-East Asia. Perhaps one pinakaipinagbunyi of the Filipino is the part of the decision, saying there is no basis in the historical claim of China in the South China Sea. This is due to the nine-dash line, or the waters inside of the lines marked in an old map of China, based on the most claimed to own part of the sea. Ie, no right to China to claim the disputed part of the South China Sea due to giit its 'nine-dash line. Maritime rights and not sovereignty the dinesisyunan of the tribunal. Explanation by Justice Carpio, including in the maritime rights the rights to natural resources in the West Philippine Sea. Specifically his requested of the Philippines to the tribunal that uphold the rights of the Pinoy that benefit natural resources in the EEZ claimed of China in the West Philippine Sea. If you would like alleged to the Philippines to assert sovereignty over a territory in the West Philippine Sea, not in PCA, but to the International Court of Justice should it escalate. Clearly as part of the EEZ of the Philippines the Mischief Reef, Second Thomas Shoal (Ayungin Shoal), and Reed Bank (Recto Bank). It was after the tribunal that low-tide elevations only within the two hundred nautical miles of ocean from the coast of the Philippines. Ie, exclusive entitled the Philippines is in natural resources in this part of the sea. Despite this, still believe Chito Sta Romana, former chief of the ABC News Beijing Bureau, success is still part of the decision. Asserted by China in the island and has its own EEZ around the few reefs in the West Philippine Sea. But the says of arbitration, stone only Among the bahurang this is the Gaven Reef, McKennan Reef, Johnson Reef, Cuarteron Reef, and Fiery Cross Reef. Explanation of Eman Kraft, associate professor of political science in UP, one can change this decision is the idea of free passage to such parts of the ocean. Says Kraft, if said islands the bahurang mentioned and has its own EEZ, not merely makakapaglayag independently the vessel there.