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Biography of Teresa to the Rafters - the Biography of the Hero of the Philippines

Is even the first female fighter in Panay and known as the 'Joan of Arc of the Visayas'A teacher and leader of the military, he was born in Pototan. He was the second of six children of Don John to the Rafters and Dona Alejandra Ferraris. Wife he's Alejandro Balderas, a wealthy landowner from Sara, Iloilo.

Despite opposition from his wife, the Rafters will follow in the footsteps of his two brothers and sisters and join in the revolutionary movement.

He got the weapons against the Spanish, led the troops and won several battles under the leadership of General Martin Delgado. Demonstrated courage, patriotism and tactics in the military, took to the Rafters for his first win in the battle in Barrio Yating, Pilar, Capiz on December, where he led a band of rifle sharpshooter and soldiers, and brought down the [Spanish in the area. Called his unit as 'Nay One', the Rafters became commander of the unit and fought in the Battle of Sapong Hill where he and his troops had been successful. During the Philippine-American War, participated is to the Rafters in some war against the armed forces American, like his brother, Pascual and Elias, that the same officials. On February, had the 'Nay One', with General Martin Delgado, fought in the Battle of Iloilo City. The war has brought him excessive suffering then lost his two siblings. His brothers were Pascual and Elias were both killed in unexplainable circumstances. After many battle, he realizes that his dreams of an independent Philippines will have to wait. He abolished his troops and surrendered to the Americans in While not an active fighter during the Second world War, made by the Rafters does his best to battle the Japanese forces. Ibenenta his property to with the purchase of food and supplies that he gave to the local guerrilla. Her marriage to Alejandro is not produced of any child Killed Alejandro soon after the conquest of the Japanese. Switch si to the Rafters in Mindanao after the Second world War and lived with her sister Maria in Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur.