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Cry of President Duterte: Federalismo the solution to the problem of the Philippines - PhilippineOne

It is now trying to push the government Duterte

The federalismo is a type of government that provides exclusive management in the regions of a countryIn federalismo, a country is divided into different states or state where it has the ability and kapangayarihang rule freely in countries such as the imposition of taxes and making of their own laws in local time. Only some of the popular country federalismo this type of management is the Russian Federation, United States, USSR, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and India. Before his advertising last year that he will run for president has announced that president Duterte his willingness to shift from the unitary towards the federal state the form of government of the Philippines. Saad yet he is this can be the solution to the problems facing the country. But the past month has been"the president against the counter drugs and even terrorism in the country almost's not mentioned again the federalism. But, its only August is again calling for the president to amend the constitution to put a stop to that growing problem in Mindanao. It the his saad the he attended the Philippine Development Forum in Mandaluyong city on August.

According to a video made by a Russian support of president Duterte, the federalismo will not only help to solve the problem in Mindanao, if not be in the whole country.

Ie, almost all of the power and authority is delegated to a centralized government. One aspect of this is the income and funds of each region will go all centralized government. And from there, the budget will be distributed back to each region based on the value set by the government. In federalismo, the power is divided between the National Federal Government and Local State Government. The Philippines is divided into different states and each state will keep of their income and funds and only twenty goes to the federal national government. From of each state, the thirty will go to the local state and the seventy in the province, city, municipality and barangay. Each state is there are own set of senators and representatives. The legislative powers are divided between the national federal government and local state government. In other words, the national federal government is responsible in matters military and protection of the whole country. The local state government in turn will be responsible for their own state, where every local government has more control over the project, budget and the passage of the law. ” In other words is more focus of attention of our national government the care and protection of the country and local state government also take care on the drying of the infrastructure in the respective state. It is not surprising that the countries Russia and America is called the superpowers countries. So there is no wonder how high-tech the war of the such countries because the twenty from the local state government is naifo focus on things and with their military and police force. Can also happen is magpapatalbugan in decorating the officers of the respective state to not maangatan of others.

Embarrassing nga naman if pakaiisipin that the state beside you has napakaunlad that while your state is still not.

Last year was said of President Duterte that he would trying to access a constitution by a constituent assembly which would meet the creator of the law to discuss thoroughly the change or charter change.

But, also said of the president that tomorrow he with the idea to make a constitutional commission that kinasasalihan of former justices.

It was last year only is also issued Executive Order no. tens the President to come up with twenty-five members of the consultative body to review the Constitution. Believe I he that not all stated in the constitution can still be applied during we now.

“Right now our government is a unitary form of government

But, if pakaiisipin can indeed time for change in type of government of the Philippines because after so many years that the kind of our government is unitary, without much progress, who felt the Filipinos. If ever iaapprove the federalisom in the country the more it will help satin. It would be nice for your village or city if it is in the bottom of the federalismo.

Whereas, fifty of your accumulated funds (of inyogn city) will be upon you and fifty turn to the national federal gov't.

If so, mgiging low the price could of the goods and the more will be the your city. for me, people really change so much as some years it is still the system of government but nothing changes. YES TO FEDERALISM. I think the"system of unitary is non yet we are too ripe for use in the development. Let's try yung federalism might, more beautiful life for all of us, reduce it the poor For it to Razel Resula. I respect your writing news but when I read the article, I perceived mistake you use an elixir of life used.

As of the release of “without” to “of”.

As well as the use of “wonder” should be “magical” (the first spelling of the word root the word, not the prefix. Unchanged the affix, only the word root only.) But, if pakaiisipin can indeed time for change in type of government of the Philippines because after so many years that the kind of our government is unitary, without much progress, who felt the Filipinos. This is right: “But if pakaiisipin may indeed the time of the change in type of government of the united kingdom, whereas in the past many years the type of government is unitary, without much prosperity that felt the” Fallacy of the calls in the last sentence you made, it is hasty the generalization, or the paggegeneralize without much prosperity to the Filipinos. Not sure progressive the rich “no less prosperity” Many projects have been performed in recent years signs of progress. This is a message for your better writing.

And because wise Filipino, majority of read its is not that noticed you ignored.

Lol. Sarey ignoring me.


Ferdinand Marcos was the tenth president of the Philippines

He managed the country in the space of twenty and one years, from until he was overthrow by People Power inHe was baptized into the Philippine Independent Church. His father Mariano Marcos was a politician in their province. And the name of his mother was Josefa Edralin. Ferdinand Marcos along with his father, brother Pio and brother-in-law Quirino Lizardo were judged guilty of the murder of Julio Nalundasan. Is Nalundasan is the protagonist in the politics of his father. Written offender they are by appealing to the Supreme Court in.

He is a nice student akademiks man or in different games like boxing, swimming and wrestling.

Nice also had a speaker and writer in the newspaper of their university. He graduated college with honors cum laude.

What would she achieve the magna cum laude if not he trapped twenty and seven days.

Born September, in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

With gifts from pagmemorya Ferdinand Marcos. He could memorize the difficult words and to recite it, not just at the beginning be from the rear back to the beginning. One here the Constitution of the Philippines. Married Ferdinand Marcos Imelda Romualdez-Marcos, on May. Become child is Imee Marcos-current governor of Ilocos. And followed it Ferdinand “Ferdinand” Marcos, Jr.

that a senator of the Philippines and the latter is Irene Marcos.

On his election as president in, he said in his SONA his plans to develop the economy and make reforms in the government of the Philippines. To accomplish his goal, he used the people and the treasure of the Armed Force of the Philippines in the construction of infrastructure, planning in the economy, the plan-industry in each region and growing in the community. Under his management, became part of the united kingdom in the war in Vietnam. It is called the Philippines Civic Action Group (PHILCAG) with the number, six hundred soldiers in. Reaches, soldiers served in Vietnam in until. He is the first Filipino to be re-elected as president of the Philippines in. Used raw was Mark in his campaign Dollars million, binibintang from raw in the ark of the Philippines. There was a constitutional convention in to replace the Commonwealth Constitution.

It is aimed to replace the type of government from the presidential it will be parliamentary.

This will allow to stay in power is the Mark of more over.

Between the years and powered he the forces of the military by adding people, from, to.

The Marcos Regime in the validity of Presidential Decree act enacted in April, that young adults fifteen to eighteen will be sent to the province to undergo a ritual that program of having a full loyalty to the first couple. Annulled of Mark in Parliament the Martial Law on January.

But by the opposition, it is not realistic because just like in turn of the government expose-elegance since arriving in Pope John Paul II. Re-won the election Mark on June Because here also metabolic the opposition United Nationalists Democratic Organization (UNIDO) - The fled in of Benigno Aquino, Sr.

was the reason to form the People Power in. Many Filipinos believed that the family of Mark put Aquino. The Peoples Power during Marcos from his power. He fled with his pamiliya to Hawaiii on February. He died in Honolulu, Hawaii on September, due to complications in kidney, heart and lungs. His relics are currently housed in a refrigerated crypt in their house in Ilocos. In the Global Transparency Report, take the name of Mark as the most corrupt leader in the whole world. He was second to former president of Indonesia was Suharto. And saying that gather he of Dollars five billion until the Dollar tens billion in the space of twenty and one year of tenure as president of the Philippines. The debt of the Philippines to the United States in has reached the Dollar million. It is grown up Dollars three billion designated in the Philippines as the country with the largest debt in the whole Asia. The nakapakalaking amount that it went to members of the family Mark and its friends. The debt that it is saying that until now is still paying of the Philippine government from the taxes of the Filipino people. The family of Marcos and Romualdez became the direct owner or share of big companies like the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT), Philippine Airlines (PAL), Meralco Fortune Tobacco, the San Miguel, ABS-CBN, BDO and some property in New York, California and Hawaii.

Many say that a great president Ferdinand Marcos to the first.

But later is seemed abused raw he it and blinded in the brightness of the power. His attempt to make government parlyamentarya the Philippines was independent course of development. But claims to have been chronic still said the theft of the ark of the Philippines. Many are grateful that you formed the People Power and not remained blind Filipinos.

High taxes on new vehicles, suggest

Binubusisi that of the Chamber and of the government measure to increase the tax on the purchase of new vehicles. FlagOctober seventeen.

What are the different types of taxes and its meaning

- this is the tax imposed on inibidwal or home-goods

it is the tax levied to raise government funds for the iraq operation. it is imposed to reduce the redundancy of a task or business

Example of this is the sin tax that exists in the philippines.

- imposed to protect the interest of the local economy from foreign competition. The common example of this is the tariff on the imported products of the Philippines. The examples of this is the Withholding Tax deductions in the wages of workers. - This in turn the tax ipinapata in the goods and services that bibibili course of individuals. An example is the VAT this is the kind of tax increases the percent while increasing the income of a idibidwal. An example of this is the Withholding Taxes.

Re-birth of democracy in the Philippines

based in La Salle Greenhills in snap eleksyong Marcos-Cory

sang peaceful way of pagtutuol in the implements of government, it also includes not enjoying services and products of the government the date of declaration of Mark in the presence of the snap election which he needs to prove that with trust more the people to him (CAPM) a campaign for constrained run is Cory against Marcos by a million signatures supporting to Cory. wealthy trader, disciples of the Catholic Church, the Cory's Crusaders and prominent politicians to support their family sam and cat showcases led by Jose ConcepcionIn their data at the end, it is clear that led is Cory against Marcos, an organization that includes the provision that provides free services to guard the precinct and avoid fraud at the polls COMELEC, officials governing the polls every election, based on the PICC. at the end of COMELEC led Mark launched the Cory to palsy the Marcos regime because it appears to the official that as of the Legislature, both Marcos and Tolentino the winners, it is not accepted by the opposition so called campaign like this. or the power to vote is one of the basic rights of every Filipino. The selection of the susunodna head is dependent on their make decision call rali to led by Cory Aquino and Salvador Laurel, one it reactions made proclamation of Parliament that declared the winner"Mark.

Ibinoykot of the citizens the goods and services coming from the companies of the cronies of Marcos, also urged the citizens do not pay taxes, electricity, and water have left the important Mark, believe they do not Mark the elected of the people. called them on February, to resign that duty Mark si Enrile, the Minister of National Defense and Ramos, the vice chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) called upon the filipino people on February, to go to EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue) in the vicinity of Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo where hiding sina Enrile and Ramos along with the other soldiers. led the three battalion soldiers to go to EDSA in February the mission they will raid the Camp Aguinaldo but they were met by a People Power the they are required to go to Camp Aguinaldo on February, Monday easy day.

Chunk they tear gas the people to scatter, but they are the fall back for them go to the smoke of the tear gas he led in February twenty-four the helicopter in the raid on the EDSA, but stand by the onset of the helicopter to the people announcing the death EDSA.

before magtanghali are many soldiers in the barrack to the side of the people. emilio is Cory nilalng the president of the country in front of Judge Claudio Teehankee, whereas swore Laurel in front of Judge Vicente Abad Santos. it occurred at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan attended by thousands of Filipinos. emilio also had Marcos as president before Chief Justice Ramon Aquino to leave the family Mark along with their close friends on the Age of onset of the helicopter to Clark Field and from thence will proceed to Hawaii.

'Height-prices in Philippines, handiwork we'

Should expect we do that, says Recto in a statement

For a senator, should not be proceedings the problems in the increase of prices of goods going out of the country because it is 'self-inflicted' or launching of the events in the Philippines. President Donald Trump on the issue of inflation or the speed of the increase of prices of goods and servicesWe must anticipate there will Always be circumstances outside the country, factors outside of the country. They are internal A huge part of our problem in inflation was caused ourselves. Internal it, an extra senator Lunged up at. four percent the speed of increase of prices of goods and services or your so-called inflation for the month of August, based on data released by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

That's the fastest ascent of the inflation rate in almost ten years.

'A big part of our inflation problem is self-inflicted

Last week, announced by Duterte that the imposition of the Trump of the larger tariff the cause of pagsipa of inflation in the country. But how true is the saying of the president, should high also the price of the goods to more countries in the region of Southeast Asia.

But according to the latest data of ASEAN countries, much higher inflation in the Philippines start its, and is far from the level of inflation in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Ie, with the 'local factor' or going here just in the country, such as the issue of shortage in supply of rice and other agricultural products, develop pesos, and tax reform. The Base is also in the trade data of the Philippines and China, grow further the trade of the Philippines in America and China. From January until June, higher became the exports and imports of the Philippines in two such countries. According also to Finance Assistant Secretary Tony Lambino, also factor in inflation the reason of oil prices in the global market. For Senator Francis Pangilinan, the solution is to strengthen the agricultural sector for not have to rely on importation of food for lower prices in the market. According further to the economic managers, with the proposal of the senator in their plans but prioritize first they the issue of the shortcomings of the supply in the market. A solution also of the Department of Trade and Industry the placement of 'Help the Town' shops in various parts of the country to expedite the distribution of rice in cheap value.

Program of the Government of the Philippines

kindergarten and more two years to the former -year Basic Education Cycle

If then, after six years in elementary and four years high school (total ten years) is possible without makapagkolehiyo the student.

Under the Kto, before makapagkolehiyo, they still need to take the additional two years after four years of high school. In the new system, called the Low raw and the quality of education in the Philippines and in the by said of Kto is mapatataas the quality of education in the country. Throughout Southeast Asia raw, the Philippines only has -year Basic Education Cycle (the other country has - years to the Basic Education Cycle). Around the world, the Philippines is the one of three countries with -year Basic Education Cycle. In the old system raw, pagkagraduate of high school is still not ready for work the student (too young for makapagnegosyo and others). Nor is it willing to college many graduate high school in the old system. In America, you have said the Twelve years of Basic Education for the engineer. In Europe also, need it is said of the Twelve years of Basic Education for those who wish to study in universities there and for those who want to work as professional there. Started in School Year - the presence of the kindergarten in the public schools. This School Year - will start the implementation of the Kto curriculum in Grade one (elementary school) and Grade seven (first year with the School Year.

Based on the plans of the government, in the School Year - are just begin to take a bachelor's degree in college - university the first Lot been a problem without immediately implemented the mandatory kindergarten: shortage of classroom, shortage of teachers and low just also the salaries of the teachers in the kindergarten.

This School Year, according to ACT Teachers party-List, lack of, teacher, classroom and, facilities in water and sanitation in the public elementary and high school in the Philippines. Its the Department of Education will admit that there is lacking still teachers and facilities the public schools due to lack of funds. Meanwhile, there is a problem also the Kto curriculum to implement this School Year. First, hurried the making on the curriculum (now just of it made).

The problem worse in high school because in has been released without curriculum the DepEd.

You might say, warm yet the curriculum is a new course now so widespread the confusion of the teachers and even the administrators.

In fact, not yet finished the implementation of the curriculum in high school (the curriculum that it's called the Secondary Education Curriculum or SEC).

Criticizing also of other teachers the trouble In the present (as of May), still accepts the suggestions etc. the Bureau of Secondary Education of DepEd regarding the curriculum of three Year in high school under the SEC according to the website they are “DRAFT” just yet. Accept they still suggestions regarding Kto curriculum for Grade - (therefore, “draft” also just the Kto curriculum). In sum, the process followed in developing the Kto curriculum is top-down: the experts in charge in the development of the curriculum and almost no paper simple school actually in a Problematic well at the same time that the implementation of the Kto and of Mother Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) of the Mummies: split the time and Estimated billion pesos the cost for additional teachers, books and gore just yet.

Until now, still not clarifies of the government which will take this much money.

Supported (and really long without pushing) of the World Bank the Kto Program so there is a possibility that further debts come from the money for Kto. Recently, also appeared the news that recommended by the World Bank to the government of the Philippines to raise and add new taxes. They do not have clear answers to the government concerning it. With says allow they teach just enough for the number of years of teaching was in the college - university. Until now, no clear details about it There is a saying shortened the number of years of college - the university because the different General Education subjects (such as Filipino, English and History) will be included - move in With saying that still the number of years of college - university but reduced by a few General Education subjects taken by the student there. Based on the noted problems and the absence of clear and comprehensive plan of the government concerning the implementation of the Kto, should in the meantime have to first stop its implementation for not fun money and are tired of the Dead and of teachers and other citizens involved in its implementation. Priorities of the government lack on the -year Basic Education Cycle before add of the year because if you just add a year without getting adjustable the -year Basic Education Cycle, certain especially only disturbs the system and may even further decrease the quality of education in the country. After all, it's not even enough money to the government for Kto at this time. Neither indeed could provide the government in education the six man only of the Gross Domestic Product of the country to follow in the United Nations. Fact, since the government Macapagal-Arroyo up to the time of the second government House, payment of debts and not education is the priority of the government in the National Budget (even then it is not in the Constitution). of professionals the Philippines for the needs of America and Europe only. Should there not be the professional in the country they itself for they help in its development. For what or for whom the education That's the first must answer and wrong answer of the Kto that question. So, it is said of the famous “wait.” Before Kto may be good to talk to first we (government, teachers, parents, students and citizens). ask ko lang if what are the requirements in the teaching of senior high school if you can find most of these done by the skilled in the tesda that the holder of NC or the person elligibility in the civil service done by tesda such as building wiring electrcian.

Advice For Filipinos Willing To Work Abroad

You imagine also the day-to-day to spend

Fresh grad man, long-time employees, or professionals, sometimes have thought they also all work in a different countryEven different the reason they, the main propelling them to work in other countries is the common desire of higher salary, better opportunities, or higher quality of life. Given a job in abroad all that, but first you need to think about the good or evil of such a serious decision. Besides salary, there are other factors to consider, and not always clearly stated it in your job offer or in guidebooks. As someone who created a digital marketing company far in my own country, have learned I am also working in a different country. Here are some of the questions you need to ponder, as well as the things that you need to ponder carefully before you buy one-way ticket to the dream job you abroad. Ingrained in the psyche of many Filipinos that working abroad is a very good chance. But are you ever thought about why it's important for yourself. Maybe it disgusted you that in traffic, dream of you of a faster trip to work. But instead of thinking move immediately to another country, you might likewise be mapakiusapan the boss of you about the possibility to work from home. Or you might want to try the life-freelancer, and consciousness of you, the latter might earn you enough money to be your own boss. Seek you first the can different job. Search you first of work on the part of the Philippines, and might find you more of the work fit you you don't need to look country. Do you need a new experience. You try to seek a long leave To vacation you and travelled out of town. Whatever the reason you removal, you do it because definitely good to you this: Perhaps the transition to another country is a way to expand you have the network you. Can be a extraordinary pakakataon it to get a skill or training that you do not get anywhere simply. Keep in mind you also lose you when you migrated the country you are, such as leaving your or family, or the orientation of yourself in many other cultures. Before you ever find work abroad, you consume all of the choices you make. A big trial and decision the transition of your lifestyle in a foreign country, and if you know your own 'why' to move abroad, the more will be strengthened within you in the time that it is increasingly difficult life in the new job you abroad. Millions then the income you abroad, but might kalahti was you use in day-to-day to spend while you're there. You include the cost-of-living expenses, or living expenses, when you calculated your take-home salary, and you might as well tax the eat big part of your salary. For example only the Australia, where the tax rate begins at. five and extends Forty-Seven as non-residents of the country. In Singapore, the owner of the car is paying the tariff as of the thirty-one import duty for value of the car, registration fee, road tax, and rising more each year after ten years of ownership of your car. If so you do, you visit first the countries minamatahan you and feel you how to live there. Matatantiya you well how much the day-to-day mogn spend and it will help in estimating also available to salary to think you closely so if you like to live in that country.

If the day-to-day expenses is the same or less than you spend now, you study more about how you benefit from this experience other than higher salary.

For example just have the opportunity to more skilled training, or expert can be the mentor you, or other opportunities in the future. One of the essential part of the employment abroad is the arrangement of the papers. Make sure to ready all of the common travel documents and make sure you updated it: be sure not yet expire the passport you, your CV, and personal documents such as birth certificate, school transcripts or records, medical records, NBI clearance, ID, diploma, and others.

Super nice salary that you get, and you will not be denied

You get used to ask travelers by joining in the STAYED free pre-employment orientations.

Before you even commence to search for a job abroad, directly you are offered or by the agency, you prepare all the papers for you are not in a hurry when you need him.

In search of work abroad, you read carefully all of the documents you get, up to the smallest articles of the contract. You ask, and try to learn all so you know about the work let you. Who will pay the rent What kind of visa you need. How long you can stay in the country you are going to you as a visiting employee. When you have family members that rely on you, you can also do they give of a working visa.

Can you get the tax breaks or privileges from the government even alien you.

When you've got the job offer, make sure you have placed all of the consensus"in the paper, and sign and ipa-notary all of them. Should be clear to you the let you work because luluwas you of the country to work. Need you know what does really you should expect to exporting you. You don't have fun the time and time you are going abroad to find out just that you will not nagkaintindihan new boss you, if there is a boss that you are in when you get there. Are you concerned that mami you miss the Philippines when it comes to you in a different country. Be really happy the first week abroad, but also lost 'that and you can imagine also the life in the Philippines after a few months. Offset the inside you when you see the face and voice of the neighbour-Filipino, so do not let the meeting with friends or acquaintances. Luckily, almost anywhere over the world with Filipino. Definitely with relatives you, friends, or simple countrymen anywhere you maroon, so should not be that hard to find a community of Filipinos where you are. You can also join clubs, start a hobby, and find ways to mix enthusiasts also interest you. More easy you now because of social media, more especially with Filipinos everywhere you go. You prepare yourself for the unexpected, and be open to all studies or experiences that madadatnan you. Because in a foreign country you, you'll get a new perspective and understanding that you do not get another opportunity, so take advantage of you during this period. You study the culture of the country you went for learn you how to respect their traditions, for Example: The United Arab Emirates, or the UAE, is still a conservative country, so you need to fit you well in the clothing they. In Thailand, taboo to speak badly about their king, and the sanctions to its violation will be imprisonment or death.

The habit of leaving shoes at the entrance of their house.

More you can easily train in the country you went when thoroughly to aaaralan the habit, culture, and traditions of the people there.

A good opportunities employment in a different country to you further learn about you work, before you environment, and as well as in life.

Definitely you have a lot to learn in the exporting of the country. Keep in mind you these tips before you think of working in another country, and help these tips in giving you a meaningful experience.

The Conquest of the Spanish In the Philippines Part

And they also ministered the baptism of the native pagan

With the arrival of foreign Spanish in our country, the purpose of the Spanish to take over and lead the Philippines. Second is the Colonization it will represent swords. They had taken the united kingdom by the cross The rehs directed to the organizations political, they are also an implemented portImplemented they of 'the main concept' which napakaloob the payment of the taxes of men from nineteen to sixty years old. Because of this many Filipino families the starved and suffered. Including well with their implemented is sufficiently vigilant, the monopoly of tobacco, and the trade galleon.

All of this has caused great suffering to the Filipinos

With the arrival of foreign Spanish in our country, the purpose of the Spanish to take over and lead the Philippines. Used by the Spanish to the cross for So Second is the Colonization it will represent swords. They had taken the united kingdom by the cross The rehs directed to the organizations political, they are also an implemented port. And they also ministered the baptism of the native pagan. Implemented they the 'main concept' or the payment of taxes of the men from nineteen to sixty years old. Many Filipino families the starved and suffered Implemented well they sufficiently vigilant, the monopoly of tobacco, and the trade galleon.

Simple Steps Before buying Land in the Philippines (Philippines)

Within one month from notarization, pay the first fee

To avoid problems in the future with the purchase of land here in the Philippines (Philippines), here are the SIMPLE STEPS that must be done prior to purchase of land: mainly as long as you come I agent (real estate agent) or so if the owner of the land and said pinagbibili he LAND him, Should you see itBecause yang replica that should be exactly-exactly there on the copy of the Register of Deeds. They do not differ.

So you will know if FAUX, with the BURDEN, or so with the PROBLEMS the land. The publication also eexecute you of the DEED of SALE or 'Contract of Dealerships', signed nyong two, when carry and also when the buyer and inonotarized yon.

Should be before the end of the month of the source, And the BIR to iissue when CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY TO REGISTER, a certification saying in the Register of Deeds fee that that all of the taxes and you can move the name of the title but there to buy. Just seen that ie (CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORITY TO REGISTER), you can take with you i.e. in the Register of Deeds, that the the final stages. To say the Register of Deeds, here it is the last fee, Transfer Fees. The fee that yon, not too expensive but, there you go, I'll have that of Register of Deeds all. Isusurender that the OWNERS' COPY of the title and you wait.

And that's how you follow-up.

Because even in the Register of Deeds, quite last that.

How do you no that the owner of the land and the life that only is the left child.

And one is the son with five siblings are dead also. Ask lang po me, there is also bibinta it's not really people of the land done without pong title or declarasyon safe to buy papo we. Have a question lang po I am. with sold I lot x sq. The question I have two dw they holding the title what I don on one I'm paying. I want to know what is the durable we that paper will be handled and what should I ask to prove them. Question lacking answer. When that sailboat that you ground why find still it turned perma for pumerma times. What are the reasons po. Diva should not October find because they no longer have the property. Hi po ma'am - sir, question lang po, with bumibile is the land of my mother sqm do this. in toloza leyte po yung land of my mother, I question po how much po so we mabebenta yung land of my mother. Good day, Sir my plan is I buy the land, but inheritance just this and a lot more naipapangalan to the heirs. But split him - his part brothers and sisters. Be easy is the process of pagpapatitulo or transferring the end around a lot more addressed to buyer the land. thank you With the land I sold but title, sq. m the total, qang bnili I just have five hundred sq. m, I have a deed of sale, but nka indicate that the sale of the land that they have divided what is po gagwin for mpatransfer I title hello po I intend do buy the land's kumpare I the land is intact yet s title eleven of them brothers and sisters here is not yet half s it it they name but with half-and-half that they each one sq. meter f order I s kumpare I sq. meter is with a partner I f one skins is the way it is bah I should do that I am not fooled and what are the bah process the I need thanks Plan we can buy land but EPEB number just afford to iprovide nung seller, addressed pa raw po kasi to the former owner. can you please suggest what to do. Thanks Purchased I of land on installment. You have paid me k. Also before the mind I and non I to be continued. I have recovered is the money I have and what is the process. Did I just question the intention is we buy land says you deeds of sales just said I can give you. Because raw po yung title of the land it is named deceased sold raw can he really land on the inheritance. No sailboat is divided so land what are the good do it. Thank you for the answer. I bought land in the bank, nagdown po muna aq. thirty-nine percent for sqm.

when, and ntpos q po byaran ung the rest of this year, so nafully paid q po, then when papatransfer q n po me title went po aq at BIR aq din po nagbyad of the tax, the case with penalty n dw po, I know that nagrurunning n pla penalty q nung yet, the know q po kc after papanotarized the deed of sale kc nafully paid I nanitong.

August, I do that panotarized. It is b lga in to effect the penalty.

Thanks hi good day po. M' - Sir purchased po I I of land.


nasakin that also are the deeds of sale and paid I also have all the much pay. then the last steps are is go that we of the register of deeds for the last step. but according to them po need po they you original tittle of the lands we purchased. then go we to the seller to get the old tittle but says it is waiting just to be realease. need is that when that full paid the npo we all. need is in samkn also is it the old tittle.thank u po. With the seller is my land, portion lng po inherited nya dad nya mind sq meters I for sale, subdivided n help po yung land on going pa lng yung process for mapalipat them, with talk n we also magdadown I'm done I balance payable for four months, I talked lng po what is in the barangay.

I intend do a full payment n magpapagawa I am of the absolute deed of sale, what is so the process for mapatituluhan I'm kaperasong land n sold I, says kc of the seller pagnarecieve n they the tittle after two years still raw before I maprocess yun, right is yun.

Add I is also true is that the absolute deed of sale is with the expiration.

With ask please, I'm about the buy of land with the seller is because we of land sqm but I the seller is not yet in her air tilte"title of land"never was released fully paid yet dun its owner of the land and do not want to do nothing but pursue and will be sold may do to others or to us. if so is there a charge that will cash what can be talked or contrata we dun sell. and what must we first do before we paid quite a large amount also it's not really. thank you very much. Hi Sir Mike, make sure you do first if there is a problem the land such as: cattle mortgaged to the bank.

If there is a Title that, go you to the nearest REGISTRY OF DEEDS in you and magrequest a Ceritified True Copy of the land ie.

There you will see the Certified True Copy if you're mortgage (pawn) is the ground. sir, with itatanung just me, with bnebenta po kc together to rent to own house. k the DP done monthly she is for years, but he deed of sale lang daw po the sign it two done two witness done po ipapanotarized po, think nio is legit the hello friends.sir please answer po I would have them Mam Nada, make sure you are first in with the TITLE"land. If not, see you yung TAX DECLARATION he. To him is addressed. ask ko lang po, pano po if bank you to buy cash (forclosed) need to pay immediately in cash before the start of processing.and we will pay all of the gain tax. Hello po buy PO sana I am Of the earth you might say One of daddy case a lot more nasasad divide the land assessment market value is, and my extent is it. Oki lng po me even a lot more po nasasub divide I want lng po to know If how much is it. Hello po, balak ko po kc buy house and land just so are the rights lang po cia, if I just I hope how safe is purchase of rights and what are the document the open for be sure that my name be itatitle you land. Question I just question if what is pong supposed to do and ask for papers if the bibilihing land is the property of umaong mom but sold are of the children. Hopefully they will help me because it is the first land that bibilihin ko.

Permanent residence in Spain. Means for obtaining permanent residence in Spain. How to get permanent. Education in Europe

Spain - one of the oldest countries in Europe attracts intends to relocate not only superior geographical position, favorable mild climate, an abundance of resorts and historical heritageThe relative economic stability in the middle of Spain, Europe, a sufficiently high standard of living, extensive infrastructure is of interest for foreigners, looking not only to buy residential real estate in the homeland of Cervantes, Carmen and desperate bullfighter, but also to move here permanently. Spanish passport and a permanent residence is can be obtained after a certain time after issuance of temporary residence, and be the owner of the license for the right to temporary residence in the kingdom is not easy. The presence of own real estate in the Kingdom of Spain brings to the Russian citizens the right to regularly stay in the country, which is limited by local law term. For Russian citizens the right to permanent residence in the territory of the Kingdom of Spain is extremely difficult, requiring the presence of a ten-year period of residence in the country and the refusal of former citizenship, because Russia has not concluded a treaty with Spain or the agreement on dual citizenship. If a citizen of Russia has no plans to leave the relationship civil war in their homeland, it will have to achieve the goal to pass on a rather tortuous path. Does not recognize dual citizenship Spain allows its citizens to get the Latin American countries, which is a former colony of Spain. moreover, the Government is encouraging be Dope to get dual citizenship, willing to settle in Latin America In a number of countries, citizenship which gives the right to acquire permanent residence in the Kingdom of Spain is composed of Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic and even the Philippines.

Get the right to relocate to these countries reduces the duration of the subsequent acquisition of the Spanish citizenship in two years and do not deny the existence of a second citizenship in another country.

One of the effective ways to get permanent residence in Spain attractive to foreign citizen is to register your own business.

But the ownership of the business in the country is not grounds for obtaining a residence permit until, has established the company begins to operate and pay taxes.

that is, if in Spain based real business, bringing revenue into the treasury, and benefit the economy of the country, characterized by large financial turnover, the owner can expect to receive documents, give the right of permanent residence. Be the owner of a residence permit in the Kingdom of Spain may be, without registering a company, if the applicant signed a contract for a year or he is the owner of a private status trader and will pay a presumptive tax. The most basic, tough way to become the owner relocate to Spain - to be reunited with family members, having residence in the country. For Russian citizens, relatives who live in Spain and its residents, problems getting a residence permit does not exist. The basis of the problem of obtaining permanent residence in the Kingdom of Spain - the overcoming of the first 'stairs' step, a residence permit. For a further extension of the process is not as difficult and time-consuming But motivated citizens of Russia, achieves results, except for citizenship can reside in the territory of the kingdom for a year, will be able to move freely in the EU countries, receive the benefits local residents for mortgage loans, etc. If the planned final relocation to Spain, meaning, something to fight for.


Another tong BIR most corrupt agency of government

Should ie the to accounting of to do of BIR not around the kapirangot storesGet deficit I Just don't want to pay the tax he money Hayden pra huag he leave hoy Velo most of the celebrities you hold in enrollment retoki of the whole needed liar expensive to charge Aside the average price of designer rings of the body st the faces of celebrities and Other clients could now take you reason that losing you pepekeen you also in the reason the government malsking arrears you in the BIR, magpaka true you.

The volume lots of land she inherited to the adopted parents but in Capiz, not you know, rich cowgirl and unika hija ie.

Your right she don't want to pay taxes on her money will not be finish veil Not fool People the wedding is abroad you have already made that kmahal Hayden kho Pay your tax. If We poor paying they should also. If not and pick up her properties and isubasta. Cheater liar paid then the ritz hotel million million dollars done sadabihin could you do not have an income see opposed you si duterte saw consistently the kawalanghiyaan could thank god. Godvis good and not even just you are proficient to assist the poor strength and we charge people in korea that you pinunta cheaper prfect yet Possible mlugi first cla.

kc msyadong mluho the prophecies about the arrival.

you wedding may they serious money gnadtos they. usa mdmi n clng k competitors n nkikilala n gya the AIVEE clinic n popular n celebrities the client. much mtuto clng mamuhy of simple. mka god p that cla did alm they n un the teachings of god the wsg msilaw s material n things and mamuhy of simple. release dates n the money that they un Dont judge po. With the cousin I am working with belo med group.

what is bankrupcy the pinagsasabi nyan

Wonderful are they friendly married belo and hayden and non they stingy on the welfare of the people they, they do not like other rich that very function.

Infairness to them.

I know I get paid they dr vicky by the end, they tax, not your mother saying that they do pay.

Also the jump just others here into conclusions.

We are mapipintasan the people in we see.

Yeah pompous is really they but one suffers also are they ie. Karma ie the paying of the tax, meanwhile those ordinary people it pays taxbuwanx elevations that yn's hayden kho you are Not deficit in the business of you, you say just that for a race you your tax in the philippines, I can cost you are abroad millionariang millionaria you, imagine publishing to the wedding the brother in como italia inukupahan you the whole palace in the villaggio, a few million the exhausted you, I delight even the government of italy because the size of the earnings they you, also the pg break you in France. Pretentious you all palapagbng hotel. So you should only charge of the government of the tax due in the philippines from your resources, did not. Correctly done to another in the country pay tax different race the benefited but I also feel the rich are not all showy yet Powerful so the knee's Veil.I then feel I pain of the knee. yo compare to Veil yr.hehe Wearing"high hill. hehe Ginnieanne Fabila much is he taking drugs for bone and according to expert every two hours also application of lotions that. You know you're right but the man now after be they moral physical. And they say non turn dw money we have the more they. Well, certainly so just with social effects"that in society we. Especially in their family. You know you have a lot of clients especially the celeb you're not losing you did the drains of the money you if flatulence abroad, if flatulence again paparty at home so you dipirensya not in the business hmmmnn me apparently in the house, things do to. looks like john wick. indi more pogi john wick. Serious angvpakanstrabagans nuo money could of course and hyden kho inuunus nyan the kwarat you later have pain kana replaced you know immediately of the baby girl and of course hopefully the kasalnnyo him is just for kanaya and the on iy or is v just for really you the kaao very brains of hyden kho billio fear that the kukupit him to dr. veil sympre mind also npag with vti. Veil later learn mon nmalang v more masahul yet happened to kris AQUINO's nakaq shovel angpera he quite said maubus the silver of kris AQUINOS that ninakaq of. galahad and the brother he is balding bald ABNORMAL balding noynoy AQUINO that another attitude dog Ki M or what, what is now, history just, that nothing is in mind or not remember people. The losses he has only two things. either do not want to pay taxes or excessively the luxury they cost.

the seven types of taxes in the philippines

community tax - known as the membership Tax on Employment or professional tax all of the professional self-employed such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountantsTaxes on property-all of the business purchased, inherited and received as gifts or donations are lower this tax according to the MARKET VALUE of property like houses and land. Income tax-it is a direct tax where the payment is direct makes paying. it is tax that shall profit of taoo companies. the buwios is different according to income Sales tax - general tax levied on the purchased products and services such as Value addede Tax.

The right of a tenant of the land

Sana po help nyo po kame in ameng questions

Kame po is the son of the tenant of the land that farm of my father who is deceased over two decades. is not well so the naninigil in the amen of the tax is the nephew of ohio. Kame po is paying tax correctly Last day is called kame of the landlord according to MARO and saying they will take our farm because I a sister it is said that they are retired and want to cultivate

But eventually the po they said the true that do they the subdivision of the land.

Like are they necessary to move in other places that you don farm I land these phantoms they are not nice places and poor irrigation.

My question is what is the right ball as a tenant. It is necessary refused to offer them And what is should according to do I told necessary if di kame abide for money daw po kame.