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How to get citizenship of Cuba - Education in Europe

Liberty Island has a special attraction in the eyes of former Soviet citizens According to the local law and the land is in public ownership, and structure, and property Experts in the field of civil offers the law as the most appropriate way of obtaining citizenship marriage Cuba, where the second half, uniquely, it Must have a Cuban passporthowever, Here, too, there are many undercurrents and conditions, exist, among them: living together in wedlock, will be not less than five years from the date of registration a certificate for permanent residence. The document is very difficult to obtain, as local authorities prefer to issue the documents, confirming the right of temporary residence. This is done, people in the future regularly extended the temporary residence permit, not applying for the issuance of another document, determining the right of permanent residence. Also, the foreign wife should know, that his family life is under scrutiny of the authorities. When applying for Cuban citizenship is ensuring the validity of the intentions, the fact of the marriage or its myth only. With little doubt to the honesty of the relationship between the wife, Cuban citizen and a foreigner, the latter will be denied admission to the citizenship of the country. Such a process is also referred to as promising for foreigners, who need to move to Cuba for permanent residence, and eventually will be eligible for obtaining citizenship. The highest chances for, who has certain, popular profession, listed: translator driver cook teacher. Immigration ways involves, that person or he is looking for work in Liberty Island, or submit to the Republic of Cuba Ministry of Foreign Affairs a request, which Confirms their profession, qualifications. The specialists of candidacy of the agency is entered in the database, in the case of interest on any of the employers, The people are invited to work. but, again, original it expects only a temporary residence permit The island of Cuba is the institution of dual citizenship is not, but there is a nuance, about citizens. When obtaining citizenship of another, the State does not absolve them is automatic Cuban citizenship, counting, in the future they will have a duty to his country and the country. In the case of, if a person independently decides to abandon Cuban citizenship, it must undergo a certain procedure, without without the consent of the Council of State to abandon the rights of citizens can not be. So it is difficult to become a full member of the local community, even more difficult from a legal perspective it off.