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So in the year, added the new warning level, the Warning No

The storm is a system of climate with open circulation around a center of low area, running through the heat released when the climber and lumalapot the wet airDetermined they are different storms, similar to the low pressure in the polar, by mechanisms that operate on them, making them 'hot heart' to the climate system. The typhoon in the Philippines is a leader of twenty times per year. There are four types storm depending on the speed of the wind he. The HOPE the names of the typhoon in the Philippines and repeated every four years. The World Meteorological Organization (Global Organizations Meteorological) the names international name of a typhoon. In the Philippines, the vigilance of the storm is assigned to Handle For the Philippine, Heopisikal and Radio of the Philippines or HOPE. Although there are set without the international name of the typhoon mamumuo in the Western Pacific, with its own fixed name of the storm, the HOPE. There are four lists in the HOPE that nagsasalit rotates every year, returning to the first list after four years. Each list has twenty-five names corresponding to the innovative bakeware that except Ñ, and X, and with the extra long ten reserved if bakasakaling exceed twenty-five the storm recorded in that year. When excess damaged a storm, the name was taken on that list and replacing with new ones. Giving only HOPE to name storms when it is inserted in the Area of Responsibility of the Philippines. Initially it was divided into four Warnings of the Storm (Public Storm Warning Signal), from Warning No one until. But due to the disastrous typhoon that recently struck the Philippines, like typhoon Haiyan in, has been found to be not enough the system operative at that time.

Made this change due to the expected stronger yet the coming storm launching of world warming (global warming) and climate change (climate change).

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